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Feel Better Flowers

Hi everyone!  It's Jill Foster here to share a card created using my favorite Stamper's Big Brush and PITT® artist pens. 
Jill Foster_Masked Flowers 
Begin by stamping and masking the floral design (Penny Black Flower Gallery 30-031) using black ink.  Next, color the flowers using Stamper's Big Brush Markers and PITT® Artist Pens.  For each flower use two shades of the same color- one darker and one lighter.  Color with the lighter color first and then layer the darker color toward the center of each flower.  Finally, use a white Pastel Pencil to add highlights to a few of the petals.  After coloring in all the images, use black PITT®  Artist pens to color wherever you have white unstamped areas.  Layer on embossed cardstock using dimensional adhesive and add sentiment (Penny Black). See you soon with my next Sketchbook Sunday post, until then...happy stamping!

Technique Tuesday: Design Memory Craft and Canvas

Hi guys! Rita Barakat here with a project and some tips for painting on canvas! First let me say not all canvas is created equal!
Not to say one is better than another but you have to know what you are dealing with to get the results you want (I learned the hard way!)
When using canvas you should color test the fabric as there are different weights and they are treated with primers (or as on my latest apron NOT at all!). I will say that no matter what, Gesso (love) is your friend! It will make the canvas easier to paint and a little stiff so you can even draw on it! (It also covers mistakes so you can start over!) So lets get started!

If you haven't used Gesso, or Glaze, or Gel Medium Design Memory Craft
has a sampler pack and this is definitely something you want to try!
So I covered the entire apron with Gesso and let it dry (it dries pretty quick.)
I used my Gelatos and drew some basic lines. I also used Art GRIP ®
Aquarelles to draw some smaller shapes. Then a little water from a spritzer.
Using a sweeping motion, the same way I drew the lines,
I went over them with a wet paint brush, blending as I go.
Drawing more lines,up and down, as this is my "grass".
Repeating the same steps as above, going over the spritzed area with a wet paint brush.
Using blue Gelatos on the outside, white on the inside. Mist the area.
I use a smaller shorter hair paint brush to push and blend the paint around. 
Using pink and red on the heart, blend with a wet paint brush.
I went back and added a few clouds- this is whats nice about Gelatos; you can add layers and changes things up if you don't like something or feel like it's missing.
I colored in my butterflies, then drew in the details with a
Stampers Big Brush. This is on top of Gelatos.
Totally random shapes.
Of course we need a quote. I always start with an Art GRIP®
Aquarelle pencil, if I make a mistake I can use a wet paint brush and blend it away. I used a PITT® Artist
Pen in a similar color, but I didn't like that you could hardly see it. So I went back over it in black.
More details in black...
Much better- some doodling and a flower...
Yep - I can live with this...
And there it is!
Supplies: Faber-Castell *Art GRIP® Aquarelle Pencils
*PITT® Stamper's Big Brush Artist Pens*Gelatos *Textural Accents Sampler
other: Canvas Apron, flower, brad

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!  Jen Matott here to show you how I created this sculpture as a celebration of our Earth and how we can reuse materials already found in our homes! 


All the materials were items that I found in my house and upcycled. I took the shredded papers from junk mail, work papers, and personal files to create handmade paper! I used the recycled paper I made to create the leaves and banner for the artwork.  I also used book pages, an old sewing pattern (that I almost threw away!), and cardboard for the other leaves and to decorate the boring pot that I found.  So all of the materials used here were found around my house or in my yard!  I took some fallen branches and stuck them into some old styrofoam (from an old silk flower arrangement) for the base.  Below, I will show you my process and how I used the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft products to enhance this project.

Continue reading "Happy Earth Day!" »

Technique Tuesday: Create Colored Gel Paints with Gelatos

Today, I'm going to share how I made colored gel medium or paints with the Gelatos!  I wanted some spreadable colored medium that would work over papers that I want to see the text through.  I also wanted to be able to make my own colors and use them on other mixed media projects that might be harder to use the Gelato sticks on.  So, I created a "paint" or glaze that uses gel medium (I used a matte medium) as the binder. DSC06197

This is very similar to the sprays I showed you!  You pick your Gelato colors and shave off a bit of each of the colors you want to mix onto a craft mat or wax paper. 


I've mixed colors to create my own colored glaze!  Here I mixed the light blue and the green to create a turquoise color.  You can also add white to make it lighter and black to make a darker version of a color.


Spritz some water using the handy little spritz bottle that comes with the tool pack that Faber-Castell makes!

DSC06203Mix into a watery paste using a palette knife or your finger.

Scoop all the paste into a small container of medium.  You can also do the same with white gesso or a white acrylic paint.  It creates a more pastel version of the paint and is more opaque.

  Brush over canvas, thick paper, wood, plaster, or other substrate to create a luminous and sheer glaze or paint. The Faber-Castell Textural Accents sampler contains a sampling of 2oz each of Gesso, Gel and Glaze so it's a great way to give these new techniques a try :)

Here is a finished project that I did with this technique!  I hope you enjoyed this alternative way to use your Gelatos!  DSC06147


Quick, Easy Scrapbook Stamping from Tiffany Johnson

Hi everyone! I have a very exciting announcement to make! You've seen her work here recently as a guest designer/blogger ..... and we're making it official! Tiffany Johnson is joining our Design Team! We are thrilled to have Tiffany with us!

As her first "official" project for the team, Tiffany has designed a fabulous yet easy scrapbook page using our Gelatos and our Stamper's Big Brush pens to create a  custom backdrop that beautifully supports her photo and anchors the whole page.




Want to know how Tiffany made the page? Check out this quick video tutorial she's provided us below...



 Inspiring as always. Thank you, Tiffany! And welcome to the team!

Sketchbook Sunday- Enjoy the Journey

Masked flowers detail 
Jill Foster here and I think it's about time for another Sketchbook Sunday. :) I really love the sentiment on this page as I think it suits the very idea of a sketchbook- enjoy the journey and the process of creating!
Masked Flowers 
To begin creating this page, I cut a smaller piece of white cardstock (center panel with flowers). On this cardstock I stamped and masked the flower image multiple times (Hero Arts CG194) using a Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Stamper's Big Brush Marker in black. I colored each flower with a Stamper's Big Brush Marker, adding a darker shade to the center of each petal and blending the ink with my fingertip before dry. Next I used my new FAVORITE tool, a Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft white Pastel Pencil to color the tips of each flower. I blended this with my fingertip, too (so fast and easy). Finally, I added a white Candi dot to the flower centers. Before adhering this center panel into the sketchbook, I stamped Hero Arts Friend Definition CG125 with a black Stamper's Big Brush Marker directly on the page in the sketchbook. Sentiment by Hero Arts.

Thanks for peeking! 

Nature's Beauty

Hi!  Alyssa McGrew here, back to share a little bit about a layout I created a few months ago. I had such a great time working with Design Memory Craft supplies on this page.

I started by creating the background using Art GRIP® Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils in blues, greens, and yellows. Then I used gesso to stamp on the blue background cardstock and layered the watercolored background over it.

Beauty Layout close up 2 small

I then created the tree branch by sketching it, cutting it out, and then adding layers of detail and texture with Gelatos, PITT® Artist Pens, and a Stamper's Big Brush Pen. I loved how I could create shades and layers of using the Gelatos by just brushing more on, or taking some off, with my fingers.

Beauty Layout Close up1 small

I colored the canvas bird with Art GRIP® Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils after stamping the pattern with StazOn ink.  

Then I added lots of hand-cut bits of patterned paper and shaded in around them using the Art GRIP® Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils again.  

This was the final result:

Beauty Layout
Thanks for coming by and checking out my project.  I hope that you have some Design Memory Craft products of your own, and that you can use a few of my tips to create your own masterpiece!


Technique Tuesday: Doodling with PITT® Artist Pens

Hi all! Jen here! I'm back after a week off :)

Today we're exploring a fun technique that is all the rage right now in visual journaling: Doodling!

Doodling has been around since the first human picked up a stick and drew with it. We do it when we are focusing ourselves or filling time, such as in a long meeting.  Whatever the reasons, it is calming and visually appealing.  A new trend is an art form called Zendoodling (or zentangling) in which the person is creating a free-form drawing using lines, shapes, patterns in a flowing manner.  It's essentially doodling but is being used more in visual journaling and as an artwork on it's own. I have been inspired to include this type of drawing in my current journaling and artworks. 

I used the PITT ® Artist pens in a variety of sized tips in black.  Basically, you can start with a simple shape. I used a hand drawn bird shape, but you could trace a die cut shape, template, or other premade shape for your outline.

Divide up the space within the shape using flowing lines.  How you divide up the space is completely up to you!


Each space is then filled with a repetitive design or lines.  Some areas are shaded in and some left with negative space.  It's all in the artist's sense of balance and interest.

The resulting design is bold and very graphic.  Add in a patterned or colored background and you have an exciting change in the look of the design.

You can also add the Aquarelle water pencils in sections of the design to vary the look of the artwork.

The next time you are sitting around doodling, use the PITT® Artist Pens to create fantastic shapes that are filled with designs for a bold, fun addition to your layout, card, project or journal!

Mixed Media - You are amazing!

Hi everyone -- Rita here with a mixed media wall hanging I made for my girls to remind them of how special they are!


I will hang it in their bathroom to remind them they are amazing just the way they are! (Note that I made the girl with the same coloring as my girls.)

Supplies: American Crafts pattern papers, Scrap FX Chipboard,  Melissa Frances frame, Shimmerz Spritz in Ruby, Pop Art Pink & Barn Door, Prima bling & flowers, Tim Holtz tissue tape, We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy floss, Faber-Castell Gesso, Faber-Castell Gelatos, Faber-Castell PITT® Metallic Artist Pens

Want to make one too? Here is a how to slide show!


You can learn more about my inspiration for this piece back on my blog here

Learn more about Gelatos here; Learn more about the PITT Metallic Pen here; Learn more about the gesso, available in the Textural Accents Sampler here

Thanks for stopping by!