Day two card and giveaway with Brenda Pinnick!
Precise Coloring with PITT Artist Pens

Day 3 card and giveaway with Brenda Pinnick!

Welcome to day 3 of my card crafting series and give-away! 

Yesterday's winner is...conniemelancon! Congrats, Connie! You've won your choice of two prints from my Etsy store! You'll need to send me your addy - then I'll get them sent to you.

OK, let's show the card already...

Day 3 cardblog

We talked about color combinations earlier and here's one I'm all over lately. This combo is relaxing with the turquoise but refreshing with the greens. A small bit of yellow adds some happy, which we all love!

For this card, I used my Sizzix products, available on or from various craft supply stores across the country or the web. The base is cut from my Decorative Edge Stationery Die, using Strathmore's Bristol board, one of my Favorite surfaces to work on. The embossing was then done using one of my Sizzix Embossing Folders, the Birds and Flowers set, also on, a terrific value kit including 10 folders!

For the coloration, I used Faber Castell's Stamper's Big Brush Pens and Art GRIP® watercolor pencils. I love the mix of strong saturated hues with softer tints of the same hue. The pencils are great for subtle blending - I used a little bit of water to create soft transitions in the coloring. Even though the markers are India ink, while they are still wet, you can use water to dissolve them and move them around, using a small paintbrush.

Okay, now for day 3 prizes: From Faber Castell, Yellow, Red, Green & Blue sets of Art GRIP color pencils and from yours truly, one of my embossing folder two-packs, available on

And finally, today's question, inspired by Carla's comment about her husband- Do you and your husband or significant other or best friend tend to like the same general family of hues? 

Leave your comments here and on my blog to be eligible to win!

Oh, and please tell your friends about my 7 day giveaway! I'd appreciate it!



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No, for walls in our house he wants all white and I would like color, therefore, living room, dining roon and office are all white, I got the Kitchen, green, and bedroom, blue.

Cori Weisfeldt

My husband is color blind so he does not pay too much attention to the colors I use. I know that he can see blues very well, so I think that is one of the reasons I tend to lean towards the blues, especially when I am making things with him in mind.

Sherrill campbell

I love this card! Happy, happy, happy.

Jessica B.

beautiful project!!! I don't have a significant other, but I tend to love more vibrant, bold colors than my friends. I'm into happy, sunny feeling colors and I'm not at all afraid of mixing unique colors together! :)

Barbara Moore

Actually my husband and myself do tend to like the same colors!

Sandy Laipply

my husband has no color sense at all, so he always asks me to pick out his clothes. I think he would wear everything in army green and khaki if I let him! I, on the other hand, LOVE color and like to wear bright, happy colors.

Heather Robertson

Rita sent me here - I'm so glad she did - this is swesome - love the colors

Leann Anderson

I'm drawn more to warm colors while my husband tends to go for cool colors.

Molly Smith

Brenda, my husband is color blind but we do help each other out with color hues. He is open to me suggesting color combinations to wear and he's always been a big part of my designing. Great giveaway, your products are amazing! Thanks :)

Babe O'Mara

My late husband and I did have the same tastes in colors. Thanks for a chance to win.



My husband and I do like similar color families, while his are more dark mine are muted or pastel.

b. poteraj

Nice colors. The blues look great! brian dot poteraj at experian dot com

sharon gullikson

Very artsy--nice job using great products.

natasha g.p.

I like how you combined the yellow, green, and blue.


The only color my DH and I both like is blue.
Love your card.


Well, I am a pink and purple lover, so that is hard for a male to choose. He likes great combinations but has trouble picking the best ones. Love your card, it is gorgeous.

Michelle H.

Rita, sent me here!!
Love your gorgeous card!!
Love how you mixed the color together!!
Yes, dh and I do like the same colors!!

Renee J.

Yes, we typically like the same colors!! It's fun to see all that we can create! Oh, I love your color combo on the adorable card that you created!!

Laurie L

He likes more earth tone, I like bright.

Laurie L

I think we have different colour likes, I'm brighter richer colours, he's earth tones.

Katie B.

Really pretty card! I have to try this. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

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