Precise Coloring with PITT Artist Pens
Day 5 card and giveaway with Brenda Pinnick!

Day 4 card and giveaway with Brenda Pinnick!

Brenda Pinnick here...Welcome to day 4 of my 7 day give-away! In case you're just joining in, Faber-Castell and I have teamed up to showcase their wonderful mixed media products for crafters, it's called Design Memory Craft and they've built the program around color - which is what I'm all about! I'm creating one card a day using both their product and products of my own- Sizzix Dies and Embossing Folders, my new stamp line and some fabric from my last collection with Henry Glass and Co., called Couleur Vie. The line is about sold out, making way for my new collection to debut soon. It's pre-selling right now at the International Quilt Market and should be in stores by late June or early July. I CANNOT WAIT to show it! And yes, it is COLORFUL!

Each day, we are giving away a prize to one lucky winner who leaves a comment of BOTH blogs and who answers the question I pose at the bottom of the post. 

Yesterday's winner is - Molly Smith! Molly, congratulations and thank you for joining in! Please send me an email with your address. Molly won a set of two Embossing Folders from my Sizzix collections, seen here. (type my name in the search to see all of my current offerings).

Here is today's card



Sometimes it's nice to make a fun, simple, easy card, especially when pressed for time, which, who isn't?

Day 4_cards



Here's what I used:

657084My Sizzix Bigz XL Die - Card, A2 w/Flap 

657091Sizzix Textured Impressions Embossing Folders 2PK - Garden Flowers Set

657220Sizzix Bigz L Die - Borders, Fringe & Frolic (Flowers, 3-D)

For the papers, I used a soft, metallic gold wrapping paper. For the fushia, I used silk, cut from a Goodwill find then backed with medium wt. interfacing. I cut three layers total and highlighted the ends of the fushia silk with the gold Gelato. I also used it to highlight the embossed flowers. Finally, I used a Pitt Pen to darken the insides of the flower so they would stand out.

Metallic Gelatos: METALLIC

And now, for tomorrows prizes- 657011 This little set of dies. These are small little layering flowers which can be used for just about anything, including jewelry. Go take a look at the adoarable bracelet Beth Reames made using these dies! Wow! And, from Faber Castell, an awesome prize which includes:Neutral Palette Ink & Aquarelles Set, Neutral Brush Pen Set, Black & White Gelatos

Here is today's question- When making purchases, how important is color in your buying decision? Do you feel you're influenced by color to make a purchase?  A lot, somewhat, hardly or never ?  If you can give an example, I'd love to hear it! 

Remember, you must leave your comment of BOTH blogs, here and on the my blog. Good Luck! 


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Cori Weisfeldt

Color is very important in my buying decisions. Whether it is clothes, cars, knick-knacks, craft supplies or whatever I am shopping for I tend to gravitate towards colors that appeal to me. Specifically, if I am clothes shopping I will glance over what is in the department and will look at specific items only when the colors catch my eye.

Kath Halstead

Hey great blog
Colour to me is very important. If I see some fabby papers but the colours are not me I don't buy it. Also I seem to float towards neutrals and browns they attract me the most I have bought lots of inks, papers, embelishment just because they are a yummy chocolate colour ha ha
Kath x

Angela Fehr

I'm always influenced by colour in my buying decisions. Well, maybe not as much when buying groceries but wouldn't I love to have all my appliances in a funky colour, and for clothes it's a no-brainer.

Jill Foster

This just might be my favorite! LOVE it!

Shala Carter

When buying cardstock, I get a ream of white from WalMart. Colored cardstock I buy according to the seasonal colors, or what is on clearance! :)
If the card you posted today is an example of an easy card, I'd hate to see what you consider complicated. :)

Shala Carter

Hi Brenda, I love the petals on this flower and thanks for showing us how to make them. As for colors, I always have black and white on hand. I follow the artist rule of having complimentary colors, a contrasting color, and black and white.

365 days of crafts crew leader

Color is very important to me. I chose colors that make me happy...I also love how well the color shows up on dark colored paper.

Barbara Moore

Yes I think color plays a very important role in buying decisions. If I see something in my favorite color I will gravitate toward it immediately. I think that's true for just about anything that I'm purchasing.


Colour is very important to me. I love how colours work together, and how they can create a whole mood and story. I love purple, but interestingly don't work with it often in art...

Babe O'Mara

Color is very important to me. I tend to like bright colors in clothing, and neutrals are just not my thing. Always get compliments when I wear bright rich colors. I'm the same way with craft papers.



It depends on the item. If it is clothing or jewelry color is really important. If it is a tool of something practical price is more important than color.

Shala Carter

Hi, I'm a little confused about the contest. I want to make sure I am in it, so I am going to answer your question again. Since I answered it the other day, I have been to a workshop and I have a better answer. I'll stick with lots of white and black, but I'm going to have to go with seasonal colors for the rest.

Cynthia H

I do tend to shop by color - especially where clothes, home decor and craft supplies are concerned. I love brights but generally stay away from pastels...

Harriet Hensley

Color is very important and well as the shade of the has to be a color i like and am comfortable with.

Thanks for the opportunity to win....

Vickie Kertz

I don't think I am totally influenced by color, but if something is in the olive green range I seem to be drawn more to it.

sharon gullikson

Color is VERY important to me because I'm an artsy craftsy person. I love almost all colors.

natasha g.p.

I love color in almost everything I buy, but especially when it comes to craft items.

b. poteraj

Color is very important to me. It makes me happy--I love to choose just the right one...


Extremely influenced by color. Example: Target. Can't get out of that store without stopping in an aisle to drool over something. Somehow I have willpower to not buy everything there I want.
When I'm in the quilt store, I always stop at the fat quarter section & find 4 must-haves. And they are each so different in color & design.

Michelle H.

Very fun & pretty card!!
Yes I do tend to purchase items with color in mind!!
I always try to buy something that will match my decor!!

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