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Unique gift box

I don't know about you but I'm starting to panic over how close the holidays are!  I have a unique way to package a small gift such as a gift card, jewelry, or other small treasure.  I had been given a few of these containers to alter and decided to try to do so with some of my favorite Faber-Castell products.

Box1You can get some of these at your local craft store or restaurant supply store. Take the handle off carefully and set aside.  Open up the container and lay flat.  They have a waxy finish so you will want to sand them well with some extra fine grit sandpaper first. 

Wipe clean and prime with gel medium or simply collage decorative papers such as tissue paper, patterns, maps, book pages, sheet music, thin patterned papers, wrapping papers, etc... rip and apply with a good gel medium, like the one in the Design Memory Craft Textural Accents Sampler.  Once it is dry, flip it over and do the other side.


Now, it's time to add some Gelatos!  Color over areas (no need to be very careful or precise) and add a bit of spray water to blend and allow to drip.  Blast with a heat gun to dry.  Continue until you are satisfied with the coverage and do the same with the other side in different colors.

I used a Stamper's Big Brush Pen in Black to stamp some butterflies on the inside.  You could do this all over if desired.  I also stamped on sentiment on a tag (this on is a Thank You for my son's teacher).

I decorated the finished box with paper flowers and canvas leaves.  The flowers were made using watercolor paper colored with Gelatos, Art GRIP® Aquarelle pencils, and bubblewrap stamped using black gelatos. I punched circles using 2" and 3" circles cut into a spiral and rolled.  The canvas leaves were colored with Gelatos and cut.  All pieces were applied with a hot glue gun.

Box4This little box could be used for an occasion.  How much fun would it be to get this with a gift card in it?  The possibilities are endless for color combinations and embellishments!


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Great idea! Thanks for the inspiration. Happy Holidays to you and everyone at Faber-Castell.

Gorgeous! I want one lol

Louise Dahlgren

I am always amazed with the skill and talent that is put into each project. I am still learning. There are mistakes sometimes but that is how I learn. Sometimes, if I make a boo-boo, I find a way to cover it up with some embellishment.


Nice project!

victoria k

Wow! Brilliant project. Gonna have to get my gelatos out!!


Mixing different materials is fun.

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