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Pen Doodles

 Jen Matott here to share a layout that I created using PITT® Artist Pens in black.  I love these pens more than any other!  The small tip is perfect for doodling and drawing with precise lines and then the wider tips for filling in areas.  I thought I'd share with you my doodling on a current layout!

I started with an outline of butterflies using various stencils or die cuts. The large butterfly was divided up symmetrically into sections.  Then I added a different pattern drawn freehand into each area.This process is theraputic to me... it allows me to

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Gelatos on acrylic!

Hey hey bloggers Rita Barakat here!   YES! You can use Gelatos® on acrylic!  Today I am showing you three pictures of the same project because I want to you see it from different angles!  Working with acrylic gives you beautiful results but sometimes it is hard to photograph! What looks like a mirror above is actually the reflection of the sky on the acrylic!!!!

At a different angle you can see my door in the background.  To get this look I use a Prima Stencil  with Gesso directly on the acrylic.

Then I colored (scribbled) onto the dry Gesso with my Gelatos®. I blended the colors together with a little water & paintbrush.
If you wanted to you could add paper behind it, but I like to see some of the clear show through.

A Day with the Kids

Hey there bloggers Rita Barakat here and todays post
(well the pictures and planning) is actually brought to you by my dear hubby Chris Barakat.
If you have elementary kids in school you have probably been hit up for money 
recently for Mothers day presents and such. Even the schools have gotten in the 
act using shopping at school for fundraisers - I understand that they need to do fundraisers 
but it frustrates me because I would much rather would have something personal 

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The Sunfairy

 Hey there bloggers, Rita Barakat here!  As you can tell I love MiXeD MeDia!  Today I am going to show you step by step how I get to the finished product!  This is on heavy watercolor paper, and later I did mount it onto a piece of chipboard. (You know the ones you get when you buy a ton of paper? Or is that just me?) I also used gesso and texture paste in the

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Happy National Scrapbook Day!

In Honor of National Scrapbook Day we are posing the question "What has Scrapbooking brought to your life?"  Of course scrapbooking is a great way to preserve treasured memories, but what else has it brought to your life?  Is it favorite hobby that brings you closer with friends?  A stressreliever?  Tell us what scrapbooking has brought to your life on our Facebook Page.  We'll pick the most liked comment and you'll get to pick your prize!  The winner will pick a Design Memory Craft prize pack valued at $50.  While you are there, be sure to take a look at the projects and layouts our fans have posted!

*Please have your comments posted by 5/11/12.