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Happy Day Mixed Media Notebook (Guest Design Team)

Hi all! Brittny Kvilhaug here.  Here is my second project for the Faber-Castell Design Memory Works guest design team. There is nothing like looking back through my journals from years past and so I decided that for my next one I’d definitely need an extra special one.  So here is my Happy Day notebook!


Find a ready-made journal or notebook from your local craft store and prepare your base by mixing some clear gloss medium with acrylic paint or other medium.


Lay down some of the mixed medium and spread some pattern tissue down and allow to wrinkle. This will create some great texture later on. And don’t worry about the brush strokes – they help to collect lots of yummy color later as well.


Add some painted stencils to the cover to add some texture, and then lay down large areas of gelatos in various colors. This will create background color to shine through all the subsequent layers.


Squirt some acrylic paint on the cover and scrape it with a rubber scraping tool or playing card. Be sure to let some of the paint catch in the wrinkles and other textured spots.


Use a Stamper’s Big Brush to color over the stenciled acrylic paint. Be sure to rub it in and feel free to go over it several times to create deep color. You can add another color on top to create even more depth. See how it picks up all that yummy texture in the paint? Oh yeah, YUM.



Add some paper ephemera to the front, doodle with a black indian ink pen, and use a Stamper’s Big Brush to darken the edges of the ephemera and around the outside edge of the journal.

There’s nothing I love more than when it ends up looking like it’s about a million years old. Look at all those layers of color. YUMMO.


Supply List:


Gloss Gel Medium

Paint Brush

Scraping Tool

Palette Knife

Sewing Pattern

Acrylic Paint


Paper Ephemera


Metallic Gelatos

Stamper’s Big Brush Pens

Essential Pitt Artist Pens

Metallic Pitt Artist Pens


BrittnyBrittny Kvilhaug I’m a wife to Eric, the proud mommy of a four-legged mouse-killer, an emotional baker and sometimes I even call myself an artist. Sometimes… I’ve been working in the industry for about five years and have loved every minute! I’ve had the opportunity to wear several hats, including designer, teacher, sales rep, team member, and now mixed media artist – there’s that word again!!!  There is nothing more exciting than breaking into a brand new of goodies and imagining all the fun stuff that’s going to come out of it! I am so happy to be a part of the guest design team for Faber-Castell and have had a blast playing along!


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jen matott

Great journal and I love the wrinkled look!!! Just so textural and fun! Thanks for being our guest DT!!!

Sarah Lejeune

Well done fun!!:) Love seeing what you can do with Faber Castell goodies!!

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