Featured Post: Helmar!
Featured Post- Helmar!

Featured Post: Helmar!

Hey bloggers Rita Barakat here! We are currently doing featured posts with Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft and Helmar! I came up with this card using Gelatos™,  a red Stamper’s Big Brush Pen , stamps, glitter & Helmar Scrap Dots.
Have you seen this product? This is really fun, if you haven't this will take the place of all those foam squares! I tell you one of my pet peeves is peeling off the paper backs to those foam squares and them getting all over the place! This is a really thick  liquid adhesive, you squeeze a little dot onto your page and add you paper or embellishment - don't push real hard and it will stay popped off the page! Cool stuff!
Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft red Stamper’s Big Brush Pen  & 
Gelatos™ in Bubble Gum
Red Cherry & Lemon
Mix and matching the Yellow and the Red groups
Stamps & glitter : the Rubber Cafe
RitaprofileRita Barakat  Rita channels her boundless energy into her family (she has 5 kids!), directing a youth choir & drama team, and her eclectic paper crafting projects. She is on the design teams for Creative Memories, Clear Scraps, Glue Dots and GCD Studio. 


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would have been a lot nicer if you had shown how you achieved it though as the picture means little to me as a new owner of these supplies.

Rita Barakat

This is Rita Barakat and you made a comment on the card I made on the blog. This is actually a simple technique I have shared before; color and stamp (I used a Red Stampers Big Brush Pen because once its dry its smudge and waterproof)all over your paper or card. Then take two to three complementary colors of Gelatos (I used Yellow, Orange and Red) and color lightly all over the Paper or card. Take an art sponge. Or make up sponge and rub the colors until they blend. If you need or want to you can add more color.

Sometimes I have tutorials on my blog as well as the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Blog.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Rita Barakat

Lillian Child

I've been using scrap dots for over a year now and wouldn't know how to craft without them !!! What a delightful and creative card!

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