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Erin Bassett - Faber-Castell - Pencils


Hey everyone, it's Erin here again.

With it being back-to-school time already I got to thinking about how much I love a good, standard, old-school  pencil! And I like them even more when they look cool, so I embellished mine!

I just took a couple of sheets of book paper (sorry librarians!), and I randomly painted it up using Gelatos™ Colors and PITT® Artist Pens.

Erin Bassett - Faber-Castell - Pencils 2

I smushed some of the Gelatos™ Colors onto my pallet and then added a drop or two of acrylic glazing liquid and mixed them together.That gave me a nice sheer color to paint with (it's the very light peachy color on the page above).

For the small dots, I just rubbed the Gelatos™ Colors onto my pallet and then used a pencil eraser to stamp the dots onto my page.

Erin Bassett - Faber-Castell - Pencils 3

I also did some more "boy-ish" pages too...just randomly painting over the page with some blue acrylic paint and then colored on the white spaces with some PITT® Artist Pens, I then quickly used a waterbrush to spread out the pens ink before it dried completely.

Erin Bassett - Faber-Castell - Pencils 1


Once the book pages were dry I cut them into one inch strips, I even pulled out my stamps and stamped on a few of them.

Erin Bassett - Faber-Castell - Pencils 4


To get the one-inch strips of paper onto the pencils I coated the backside with gel medium, then rolled it around my pencil.  I added a coat of gel medium on top of them to seal them and then let them dry on my craft mat.  Once they were completely dry I sharpened them with my electric pencil sharpener with no problems.

Erin Bassett - Faber-Castell - Pencils 5


ErinbErin Bassett  Erin is a craft addict who loves to do something creative every day.  She shares her love of all things artsy on her blog and in the classes and events she teaches at.  Erin is a freelance artist, designing for top manufactures and has had many of her projects published in various magazines and books.  She considers it a blessing to be able to call her passion "work".


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Fun idea!!!

jen matott

This is awesome! HOw well to they sharpen? I might make some for my son's teacher! CUTE project Erin!

Erin Bassett

Hey Jen,
They sharpened great with my electric pencil sharpener...I think because the book paper is so thin. I think if you were to use a thicker paper (ie: scrapbooking) you may run into problems.

Crafting Marfa

Erin, I love those pencils. You always do great work :-)

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