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Wax Monoprints: Paper Crafter Crayons


I am always looking for new ways to use our products and since I've been dabbling with Encaustics, I decided to try monoprinting with the Paper Crafter's Crayons.  I bought an aluminum plate to use on a hot plate for monoprinting wax. 

Here's the printing plate from Encaustikos... It's small and perfect to work on a hot surface with.

Once the plate is warm (you should heat to 150- 175 degrees), you use the Paper Crafter's Crayons to draw on the surface.  You can also do this on a flat griddle surface.  I like the plate because my design stays in a new shape and is easily cleaned up for reuse.

I started with warm colors of yellows, oranges, and reds creating abstract areas of color.  Then I added browns and blacks to create a bird's nest image.


Now comes the exciting part!  You take a piece of paper, I used sheet music paper, and lay over the plate carefully.  Use a hard rubber brayer to roll over entire image with even pressure.



















Now reveal your monoprint by peeling the paper away.  It's a reversed image and is just as bright and crisp as the original design on the plate!  These Paper Crafter Crayons are intense and gorgeous! 



















Clean up is easy... just wipe away extra with a paper towel or baby wipe.  I plan to use this image for another artwork on a canvas so I will share that later on!  I hope you have the opportunity to try out monoprinting with the Paper Crafter's Crayons!


Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Paper Crafter's Crayons in Red/Yellows & Neutrals

Encaustiko 6" Anodized Aluminum Plate


Sheet Music


Jen Matott  A designer with a funky style, Jennifer will show you how to play with art media, art journaling, and mixed media techniques. By day, Jennifer is an art teacher as well as a mom to two very active boys. She currently designs for WOW Embossing Powders USA, Get It Scrapped!, Scrapbooking From The Inside Out kits, and is on the Prima Marketing Educator Team. 


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That is so cool. I recently purchased the box set of Gelatos and I am so happy with them, I use them for almost everything. Because they do everything they were advertised to do and more it makes me want to own every Faber-Castel product. I am looking forward to getting the Stampers Big Brush pens next. I purchased a set of another companies markers and am so disappointed with them because they don't work as they stated they would, only on a certain (their's) kind of paper.


Glad you love them Jackie! These are the best crayons too! So smooth and bright! YOU will always be happy with these products because they are high quality!

Tiffany johnson

This makes me SO very happy!!!! I wish I could!


Love hearing about any new ways to use the crayons, they are the only FC product that I have trouble with. :/

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft

Hi Sandee! Have you seen this post? It's a great tutorial for making melted backgrounds with the Paper Crafter Crayons.

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