Giveaway Week Day 4!
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Giveaway Week Day 4 Winner

770312_FINAL_HRThe winner of the Gelatos Tool Set is Kathy Marie!  Kathy- please check your email for instructions to proceed.  Thanks!

Tomorrow is our big finale -we're giving away our biggest giveaway of the year- our caddy (MSRP $349.95)!!  Our caddy is the ultimate collection of mediums and colors to mix and match!  It contains:


  • 20 Stamper's Big Brush Pens
  • 40 PITT Artist Pens
  • 30 Art GRIP Aquarelles
  • 30 Art GRIP Color Pencils
  • 28 Gelatos
  • 16 PITT Pastel Pencils
  • 10 Essential Tools

Excited?  We are too (it's our biggest giveaway to date)!   


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I absolutely love your products and would be so happy if I was to win this wonderful prize! Thankyou for the fabulous giveaway!!


Wow, what a giveaway!!! I would SO love to win this (along with about a million others I bet!) maddy x

Tema Ostrega

Your products are so versatile to many artists.Your demos are also very inspiring. I would be thrilled to win any thing from you line!


Amazing :)
Congratulations to Kathy on her win.
You all are wonderful for doing this.

Christina Backer

I love to scrapbook and do fun projects with my son! Would love to win any of your products!

Melanie Douthit

What a fab prize for some lucky artsy person!!


What a fantastic prize!


I would love to win I've been wanting to try your products but haven't had the money :) they all look like they would be great to use.

Carol Newman

This is an amazing give away, my favourite products

Angie Reiss

This caddy is awesome! I would love to win it! I do a lot of crafting with my children and I am the "Craft Lady" at my son's Cubbies group....this would be perfect to help organize everything.

Cindy Shade

I would love to win this! I love all your products. My daughter and I would have so much fun.

Jasmin Winnie

I guess I can pause my daydreaming of all the things I would love to make with this huge collection to enter! Here goes nothing.

Lory C.

I'm just beginning to your products and love them! Thank you for the opportunity to win some of your amazing products! Ooh... I'm so excited.

Melissa H.

I would love to win this!! I am just starting out on crafting and really don't have much. This would be a great step for me! Thank you for the chance to win!!

Carla Hundley

OMG!! What a great prize to win!
Put me down for sure!!
Carla from Utah


Congratulations Kathy Marie, you lucky girl!

Mary Bridges

I would love to live in a "Castell" full of colors...a Faber-Castell that is!


What a joy it is to have just what you need to do your project! I love to paint, it puts me into another place, a place of peace where I get a little peice of heaven! God Bless

Salla Porra

What a huge prize! I've had a chance to try Stamper's Big Brush Pens, PITT Artist Pens and Art GRIP Aquarelles and really like all of them. Gelatos is something I've so far never seen in my country (Finland) and I haven't even really figured out WHAT exactly they are, but would certainly love to try!

Karen Hill

I got Gelattos as an easter present. Love them. The pitt markers are the best too.

Wendy Orme

I would LOVE to win this...thanks for the fun and generous giveaway week!

suzane richmond

i would soooooo love to win this beauty

Leesa Barry-Cotter

I've just done a hop with just right stamps ... Oh so many goodies have I fallen in love with .. Time to go shopping lol

Lucy E.

Congrats to Kathy!

Susan Chalifoux

I absolutely love Faber Castell products. I've been experimenting with gelatos and have some colored pencils calling my name next. Saw the gesso video and just loved what can be done with that. This prize is wonderful and I hope I'm luck enough to win it so I can dive into the whole Faber Castell pool of artistic creativity!

Lois Stoneking

I just started playing around with the gelatos. I love them. I haven't seen any of your other products around though. They look like fun!!! Would love to try them! Thanks for a chance at the big give away!!

Marge R. (mer)

Huge Congrats, Kathy -- sure you'll enjoy having a play with your new goodies when they arrive -- have FUN!!! ;~)

Kristina Solheim

I just bought several sets of gelatos and love seeing all the videos popping up about them! Would love to win this giveaway.

Al Buie

I just found this site. The products look amazing. I sure would like to win this prize so I could try them out and tell all my friends about them.

lynda ridings

This looks like something I could use with my Card Making!

Arnoldo L. Romero

Wow! I own most of the Pitt marker collection and a few gelatos, so this would be a marvelous addition to my art supply arsenal. Blessings!

Quyen Bui

I love all your stuff thanks for this chance!!!

-Quyen Bui


What a wonderful giveaway!Missed it. Wish I would win the last one:)
So much good stuff to work with.


This looks interesting. Would love to win it.

Courtney Perry

I've never used Faber Castell products, but now that I know about them, I'm excited to begin exploring them and trying out different supplies.


Oh my goodness....What wonderful addition this would be to my craft room!!! I love your products and sure would love to have it all! Thanks for this amazing giveaway!!!

Laura Cox

Congrats to Kathy!!! And wow....dream prize tomorrow....who wouldn't love to win that?!!

Heidi Brincken

That box of goodies is amazing! I would love to win it and play with all the colors and types and tools!

Gina Wojciechowski

I love all these giveaways! Thanks for the chance to win! I am so excited to start with these artistic products. Congrats to the winners!

Elvia B.

I love all Faber Castell products, especially my gelatos and big brush pens. I would love to win the grand prize. Thank you for the opportunity to win a great prize. I like your blog too.

Sherrill Campbell

Oh! I would so know what to do with the caddy! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Donna Bayne

What a dream to win a prize like that! After a rough winter anyone would love to be inspired with those new products. It's exciting just thinking I have a chance to be a winner.


Another great giveaway!!! Thanks for the chance!!!

Terri G

Your products are fantastic! Love them all! Thanks for the chance to win!

Sharon Klumph

I am in love with your products since I watched all of the video demos and they are so versatile. I would love, love, love to use them allll the timmmmeeee!

Katie Rudd

I would love to win this.

Maricha Bulger

WOW this is great and HOW awesome this would be to win! Thank you so much this is great. Please Please randomize me :).


Awesome! Love love love it!

Christy H

I would love to win this! So awesome!

Robin Moore

OMG...I just bought my first package of Gelato's the one with four fun colors and brush and clear little stamp yesterday. I been having fun playing with them and would love to have more colors and more tools for these. This would be great if I could win. I know hubby would be very happy too... knowing that I wouldn't be out spending all his money every pay on getting some more of these great creative tools and Gelato's


ooOOhh! Playtime for me!!!


I would be nice to win a giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity.

Wendy Baker

Oh the fun my granddaughter and I could have creating with all these colors. It would be awesome to win this caddy.


What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

debby yoakem

I would love to win this set!! When I first was out of engineering school, and we did not yet use computers for design work (not telling you how old I am), we did highway plans on mylar sheets by hand and used faber-castell pens for this. Would love to win this set for my crafting now that I am retired.

Lynn Self

Oh my, I could have such fun crafting with my great nieces with this!

Emily D

wow what a wonderful giveaway! thanks for a chance to win!


Wow, what an awesome giveaway!! I don't have anything like it. No pens, pencils or anything. How fun! Thanks for the chance.

Kate M

i LOVE your products I'd love to win any prize from you!!!

Stacey Gadley

wow what great products...would love to win some of my own so I don't have to borrow from others!!!!

Tracey Forrest

I love to color and make things all the time.I would be great full to win anything from you:)

Ilenia Sainato

I love your products....they are amazing and genuine and I love them!! Thank you!

paulette h

what a great give away!

Brenda Taylor

These giveaways are great....would love to win, creativity is flowing by just looking at this prize. Thanks for the chance!

Jamie VanBeekum

Oh wow! I would love to win this caddy! Holy cow, the things I could do!!!


would love to expand more for my cards what a great give away

Katherine Walcott

This is awesome. I love all of your products!


I would LOVE to win this! I am a new fan as of today!

Donna R Kennedy

Just beginning to do paper art and am loving it! So many wonderful things to choose from-where do I start!!

Jennifer M. White

This is truly exciting! Thank you for the chance to win - I could never afford to get anything like this living on SSI. regardless of who wins, this is such a kind and generous thing to do for folks! Blessings on all Y'all! :-)

Alice Isenbart

This caddy has got to be one of the most awesome giveaways filled with my Faber-ite pencils! I would love to experiment with Gelatos and Pitts too!

Y. Swenson

...oh my...I am so glad I found this site on FB...I LOVE these products...oh the things you can create with them...limitless with a small can go them

Stephanie Heller

I love your stuff! I do scrapbooking and stamping too. It would be a great addition to my supplies!

Christine N. Garcia

What an awesome giveaway! I'd love a chance to win. Thanks Bunches. Christine

Joslyn F

This is an awesome prize!


This is so awesome of you to giveaway! I would love to own it!


Congrats on the fun prize.

Cherell Cottino

I would love to be the winner of this giveaway. I haven't tried your products but I am eager to give them a shot and see how they compare. PICK ME PICK ME!! :)

Scarlet 357

I would love to win!


Woooooooooooooow!!! I am sure this is the biggest giveaway i have come across! I so so so badly want this! fingers crossed! thank you for this amazing opportunity for a chance to win this "fortune"!



Omg, I just stop by and find out the giveaway... aaaa.. I really would like to be the winner of this fab. I love your products, especially gelatos and big brush pens.. please pick me.

Kim Brown

I would love a chance to win your wonderful products!

Katie B.

Congratulations!! I seem to be too early or too late to catch your post each day! Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.


Whoooooaaaaaa, I almost fainted seeing this!!

Mary Dubia

Oh the things I could create with all those wonderful things.....

Arlis Ball

Wow I would love this prize!

Marta Quiban

OMG I'm in heaven with everything I see in your site!

Ann Feliciano

Thank you for sharing this promotion. I love your products and the tutorials you share are very inspiring and easy to follow. The colors are fabulous and I've been such a huge fan of your products after a friend introduced me to your products last year. Keep up the great work!


I hope to win !! Hugs from Italy ;-)

Collene Kalb

Wow oh wow, to any Artist this Caddy full of fun, in more ways than one, to experiment the How, the pencils, the colours, the gesso, and so much more, my students could have a ball with all this, but I dream to play with them too.. just fabulous Prize to Win.


Would love to win. Need a little happy. Too many people with cancer and health problems in my life. I've had a headache for 15 days. Need a "little happy". would love to use the products to make cards and posters for people who are having a hard time right now.


I've never used these products, but would love to give them a try.


Wow! With the hole giveaway you wouldn´t have to look any further; all you need is in it! Greetings, Gerrina

Karen Krumpe

would love to win this!

Renee Zarate

I love your products so much! In fact, I'm teaching a class today featuring your Gelatos. Thanks so much for the chance to win such a fabulous box of wonderful!!

Ann Jobes

I love gelatos and the other FC products I've tried. How generous of you to give away that fabulous box of goodies, where everything is all in one place. Thank you for the chance to enter.


I would be the luckiest girl if I win this caddy that is full of inspiration. I am crossing my fingers on this one. Thanks for the chance.

Lynne Burras

This line of product has become a staple in my craft room..Absolutely love them..Would love to add this to my crafting pantry....

Karen Taylor

Super great week of wonderful and creative prizes. I love doing mixed media projects with your wonderful products. They are the best on the market!
thank you and Happy Friday!


would love to win this prize!!

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