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Sketchbooks - Gelatos


Hello everyone,

.....Swarup here with a project that's just perfect for kids and adults alike..sketchbooks!

I believe everyone of us who loves to doodle should have a sketch book...even if we  just end up using it to jot down grocery lists...we still need one!

.....but what if we jazz it up a bit and make it artsy , wouldn't you love to get it out and use it more  for skecthing and doodling  or perhaps carry it around just because it looks beautiful and most importantly  beacuse you made it yourself?

Today I will show you how to make some lovely watercolor sketchbooks. The idea is not totally original , since I have seen a lot teachers do these with little kids at school, moms who use their children's artwork to make books and of course we crafters and amateur artists who use our failed paintings which we just cannot get ourselves to trash.  I was inspired by Erin's books who was inspired by Nicola's!

But I thought of revisiting the idea using a different medium - Gelatos.

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Freebie Friday



Last week, we had our biggest giveaway of the year, and we were overwhelmed with the response. We'd like to give our fans another chance to win, so we're giving away a Gelatos Gift Set!  ($59.95)

Winners will be announced here on Monday, 4/1.  

My New Kicks!


Jen Matott here with some new kicks to share!  I found these shoes at Target (my favorite place to shop)... I knew on first glace that they were perfect for altering!  Too plain on their own but with some Gelatos, Stamper's Big Brush Pens, and Gesso, they were transformed into a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes!  I can't wait for spring so I can wear them! 

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Blog hop winners

Blog hop justrite

The winners of the blog hop is Genesis and Liz Ortiz!  Congratulations!  Please email your mailing address to  Thanks!  

The winners of the JustRite prize is Noreen and Sue McRae!  Stop by the JustRite blog to claim your prize.

One Layer Stamping with Art GRIP® Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils


Hi everyone! Jill here with my newest artsy obsession- watercoloring!  To achieve this look, begin by stamping your favorite image with a Black 199 Stamper’s Big Brush Pen.  When your stamping is dry it will not bleed when you add water because Stamper’s Big Brush Pens are india ink.

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A Recipe Box for Young Chefs

RECIPE BOX AND RECIPES  by Gabriela DelworthSpending time in the kitchen with my mother was such a joy. I was actually cooking along with her since I was six years old. She taught me so many things! I believe that we should learn how to cook at a very young age. It is fun to learn about the food we enjoy. It’s a chance to learn how to follow directions, how to measure and to understand how things in the kitchen really work.

Recently a dear neighbor invited us to her daughter’s 10th birthday party. She mentioned that this special girl would be collaborating with her in some of the cooking for the event. What type
of gift could I give to this girl? A recipe box!

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Textiles ~ making art journal covers


Hey bloggers Rita Barakat here! I love altering book - especially compostion books, they really come in handy for notes and such. And if I am going to carry a note book it needs to look cool so
I must alter it, I'm just saying.

Here is the front cover. First I covered the entire surface(front and back) with gesso. The books have a glossy finish, gesso changes that and covers some of the black. Once it was dry I used  a thick layer of modeling paste, I then closed the book backwards (the two covers touching each other) and that's how I got the back ground texture.

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