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In case you missed it...our CHA workshop project


Supply List:

•             11 x 14 canvas board

•             Gelatos Mist Maker Kit

•             black and white image printed backwards

•             Black Stamper’s Big Brush  pen

•             Paintbrush

•             6 well plastic palette

•             Full range of gelatos

•             Full range of watercolor pencils (again not sure how you want to share these)

•             “Imperfection is beauty” stamp sets

•             “Art is” 12 x 12 stencil – Crafters workshop stencil

•             Large(1” flat/wash) paintbrush – used to apply the gel medium for image transfer

•             Water cup for brushes

•             Heat gun

•             Baby wipes

•             Design Memory Craft Gel medium



Create and image transfer by printing a mirror image of your choice in black and white.  Apply Gel Medium to your canvas board and position the image over it.  Allow to dry.  Once dry, mist the paper with water and gently peel away.  The image transfer may be light, this is ok.  You may have to “scrub” away residual paper, just add water and use your fingers to do this.  Begin adding color to your image using Gelatos ®.  Apply multiple colors, here we did not color the Eiffel Tower image, but did add color to the background.  Mist with water and allow the colors to bleed together a bit, blending with your fingers as desired.  Once you are satisfied with the background, color the main image using Gelatos ®.  Allowing the color from the image to bleed into the background gives a “glowing” effect.  Use a heat gun to speed the drying of your canvas.  Add detail and shadow to the image using Art GRIP ® Aquarelle pencils.  Here black and red were used for the detail and shading.  Place the Art Is stencil over your canvas and using a baby wipe, remove some of the Gelato ® color, this will reveal the script in white.  Create white drips and splatters by scrubbing white Gelato ® on your work surface and adding water.  Drip and splatter your Gelato “paint” with a brush.  Ink your rubber stamps with the Black Stamper’s Big Brush and add a sentiment or two to your artwork.



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This is amazing!

Liz O.

Beautiful! Lovely color selection. Thank you for sharing!
Have a wonderful day!

teri pastorino

thank you! is there a video of this process somehwhere?


Its awesome, fantastic ! did I miss something here :0(who is the creator?)

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft

@Shilpa- the canvas is by Donna Downey. Love her crafts!

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