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An Ornamental Hagoita


Hello everyone, and happy 2014 to us all! Mieko here today to share an ornamental Hagoita. I created using Gelatos®, Paper Crafter Crayons™ and Stamper’s Big White Pen.

Most of you probably won't know what a hagoita is, so here's a quick definition:

Hagoita (羽子板 「はごいた」) are rectangular wooden paddles, originating in Japan, ostensibly used to play hanetsuki (a traditional new years game, similar to badminton), but often instead serving a more ornamental purpose. These are frequently painted, usually with lacquer, with auspicious symbols, or decorated with complex silk collages. This tradition dates to the 17th century, and although the game itself is now rarely played, crafting decorative hagoita is still commonplace. They are generally sold at traditional fairs (hagoita ichi) which are held in December. In Tokyo, they are sold at shrines, especially Asakusa and Furukawa Fudō. (From Wikipedia)

First, I applied Gesso to the Hagoita and draw Mt. Fiji in Japan with Stamper’s Big White Pen.


 I colored the sky with Paper Crater Crayon.


I draw the petal of the cherry tree using Paper Crafter Crayons.


 I colored the mountain with Gelatos® using Blending Chisel and attached Coconut Gelato® to the top of the mountain.



 I hope you enjoy my creation.


Supply List:

Paper Crafter Crayons™

Gelatos® (coconut, snow cone, aqua dolce, blueberry)

Stamper’s Big White Pen(770013)

Gelatos® Tool Set (770312)Blending Chisel

Gesso (770302)


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Fabulous project, Mieko!! LOVE how you used the Paper Crafter Crayon - great colors. Wonderful idea on using Coconut Gelatos on the mountain top - so clever!!

Johanne Lacombe

It's very beautiful. I love it. Love traditions. Thanks for sharing,

Linda Trace

THis is so lovely Mieko! I used to love seeing all the Hagoita in Japan at festival time!!

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