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Gelatos & Gesso Background Technique

March Giveaway


Are you ready for our biggest giveaway of the year???  

Our first prize is a tub of our Whipped Spackle and a pack of Gelatos in the colors of your choice. 

Here's how you can win:  Leave a comment below on how you plan to use the prize.  The winner of the first prize (Whipped Spackle and Gelatos) will be announced at 5PM on Monday.

Our Studio Caddy Premium Gift Set ($367.50) will be given away sometime next week so don't forget to stop by next week too! 
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*The giveaway will run through 3/14~ 3/21

*Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery


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Wendy Sue Fellers

I would make gifts.

Shannon Miller

Being fairly new to mixed media I have seen this both of these products used and would love to try them on my own projects.. They both look so fun!!! Thanks for the chance :)


I Would use it to make some birthday cards!


wow have I died and went to craft heaven ? What I could do with all of those prizes ! Thanks for a chance to win such great stuff !!


I love using Gelatos and Faber Castel products when I make canvas pages for my kids and the store I design for.

Thanks for the chance to win this amazing prize package!


carlanda wiliamson

I would so love to win this! I would use the spackle and gelatos on a mixed media piece....or two! thank you for the generous giveaway! carlanda

Sandra Reade

Oh my goodness. This would be a dream come true. I would use everything to make my first altered book look amazing. I am new at mixed media ideas and have fallen in love with the concept. So many items I dont have but just try to manage anyway.


Not sure how I'm going to use whipped spackle... just might have to put it on EVERYTHING!! Maybe even as a face mask, will it make me look 10 years younger!! ah heck... send me a ton and i'll bathe in it! LOL

Leslie Walker

I have recently discovered Faber-Castell waterproof ink pens for my water color paintings. I would love the opportunity to work with new items from Faber-Castell. What a great give away. Good luck to everyone. =)


If I won I would use the products in my art journal! I LOVE the geleto's and it would be a dream to try the whipped spackle

Wendy Brassart

Ooooo what a fabulous prize! Imagine all the possibilities!

Lee Ann Barrett

What an amazing give away! Would love to win these great products!

Dena Jones

I love this prize! I would use the gelatos to help my 3 1/2-year-old create art. Both of my daughters love art and I am sure they would both love to play with gelatos. I'd use the spackle as a learning opportunity for myself. I love learning new techniques and using new and different media. Thank you for the opportunity!

Linda Tupper

I would be using them on my cards, trying new techniques.
Thank you for a chance to win.


I am a book maker and journaler. I am sure I could find some fun ways to use whipped spackle with all my stencils. thanks for the chance to win. I subscribe through netvibes. Don't know if you can see those subscriptions.

Tanya Phenis

Mixed media projects, probably a canvas! And gotta use those stencils too!


I would use this on a new canvas. I like making mixed media canvases. Thank you for the chance!


I would finally get into mixed media. I have a mixed media book but the pages are still empty. I would start using some of the stencils I have and the paste would give me some dimension to my projects. Can't wait to get the package in the mail (please)


I am soooo in love with Gelatos!!! Would love to be a winner!!!!

Alice Vick

I will use the Gelatos on canvas & my art journal. I have never used the whipped spackle but would love to try it. Thanks for the giveaway!!!


I will use them on my scrapbook pages and in my art journal. Fingers crossed!

Diana More

I just want to play all day with those brilliant colors!

Kathi R

I'd use these either on a journal page or on a wall decor piece.

Jessica Beougher

What a great giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win!

Kelly Massman

What an awesome prize! I just showed my friend Lural how to use them on canvas. She loved it! I would love to win this so I can keep making canvas projects!!!! Thanks so much!


I would roll around with them! $%@%#% auto-correct. Play around. Geez.

Judy Burkett

I really would love these for my studio!

Wanda Corpier

I would love to win the giveaway!!! Been looking at this product for some time now and its time to try them out!!! Thanks for the chance!!

Samantha T.

OOH! Great prize! I'd make some cards, and maybe some home decor.


I would love to win this! I really want to play wiht the whipped spackle: with stencils, in my mixed media, just all sorts of things. And gelattos? They are my go to for just about everything!

evelyn vertefeuille

I would finally try a mixed media project!

Jackie Smith

I would use it in my mix media projects/journal. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

Maki Jones

They looks so fun to play! I don't know what I will use but I definitely check YouTube or some other tutorial to get great ideas and inspirations!


Awesome prize! I would grab a canvas and just start creating!

Jackie Posnansky

Fantastic giveaway! Would love to win!!!

Jennifer Essad

I would love to create something fun for spring-I'm thinking I would paint a mural over my garden tub-something that I could visualize a an oasis


whoop whoop imagine all the housework i could ignore if i had this kit ;) fab giveaway and lovin the blog too thanks xmaggiex

Linda Correa

I need some color in my life ! I have wanted to try these products for so long. The techniques get my creative juices flowing. Pinky promise to use everyone of them and share my joy with the world at large. Thanks for giving me the opportunity

Gina J

I would use it to start to learn the techniques in my brand new art journal that i got from my family!

Heather Martin

I've heard so much about Gelatos but have never used them and would love to have the chance. The colours are gorgeous and Faber Castell products are always excellent.

Karen Henson-Bibbee

Would love to win the gelatos. Can't find them around here where I live. Thanks!

karen k

I think I will add a "Spring" page to my art journal. Thanks for the chance to win.


What a fantastic giveaway! I have just recently found Gelatos and been watching your little video clips and etc., and cannot afford to go out and buy everything at once, of course, and I want it all. lol
So, it would be terrific to win this. The products are great.

Amanda H

Thanks for the chance!

Kim Fordyce

Wow!! I don't have any products like that! If I would win I know I would be watching a lot of your u tube videos and tutorials!!! Thank so much for the chance to win! Fingers Crossed. :)


I'd love to win some products. I have Gelatos and I really like them a lot.

Emily M. Hammann

I would use this on some of my mixed media canvas projects, with some stencils and other goodies. Thanks for the chance!!

Heather M Leach

I LOVE your product line and am so happy you are making a huge influcence in the paper craft world. I have been a fan since I can remember and to this day still have my silver cap for my penc s that I got for high school graduate!,

Karen Freeman

Oh I have been searching, reading and looking at all the ways that this whipped crackle can be used. I am keen to try it on a mixed media canvas, a mixed media card and on a scrapbook page. I plan to use it with my stencils to add some texture and dimensions. Thanks for the chance to win :)

Tina Van Netten

wow what a great giveaway, Thank you for the chance on winning this fabulous prize!!!!


I would use them in my art journal

Cathy Roberts

Love your products.

Mary H

Awesome giveaway!!! I love my gelatos!!

Sue McRae

I'd try coloring the Spackle with the Gelatos and using it with one of my new stencils on a card.

Virginia Burnett

Love Everything Faber-Castell I have been doing various mixed media projects and working on an Art Journal and that's what I would use any product I win or buy of Faber-Catell on. Thanks for the chance to win and doing a give away.

Joe Morgan

I would love to win this prize package! I would love to make fun & bright collage to hang on my wall in time for summer.

Buffy Burnside

wow this is a fabulous giveaway, thank you for the chance to win! I would uses these for my art journal and my scrapbooking!

Brandy Noody

I would use the supplies to create some fantastic art in the round-robin journals group I've recently joined. I love faber-castell products! The color are so rich and intense!

Michelle Wells

How incredibly amazing! Faber-Castell is my go to choice for many of my art supplies~lost much of mine during a cross country move, THIS WOULD BE A BLESSING IN DEED!


I'm just diving into mixed media, so I would work on a canvas piece! Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win!

Debbie Dunham

I would be in mixed media heaven! If I won I could enter all the challenges!

Dawn Edwards

Wow what a fabulous giveaway. I would love to have some to add texture to my next canvas.

Linda Krisjanis

Would love to use these in my art journal. Love Gelatos. So much fun.

Rebecca Bricker

I would use these awesome products for my art journal projects!

Terri Wilson

Oh the possibilities!!!! Gelatos are one of my favorites and I love the mediums too! thanks for the opportunity to win these prizes. I see some products I don't have yet! Fun, fun, fun!

Sonya Finlay

Faber-Castell since 1971 has been on the road to briging to life beautiful one of a kind works of art by conceiving quality and brilliance in thier products for everyone. I want to take this chance to say thank you to them for the therapy and outlet they have provided for me and many others. They make it look Good and last :) much love ♥ to everyone at faber-castell and all of thier subsidiaries.

Kelly Waterman

I use my gelatos all the time - with new colors added or my palette I'd start on an angel canvas. I haven't played with the whipped spackle yet - but I'd live to give it a try. Perhaps in the background with a stencil? Thanks for the opportunity!

Tanya Palamarchuk

I will do many LOs)
What great products!

Shari Czerwinski

What an awesome giveaway! I just got my first set of Gelatos, and have just started learning to use them. If I win, I will use them to make cards and keep experimenting with mixed media projects. Thanks :)

Margie Visnick

I would love to try these with my stencils!

Kelly Humby-Tulk

I would use it with my templates and stencils in my art journal!

Asia King

Oh. I have like a million new projects swirling in my head already! I'm thinking canvas, some stamping and lots of Gellatos love - pure awesomeness!

gloria browning


Lisa P

I've just learned about the whipped spackle. Can;t wait to try it out. I just bought a pack of gelattos and created a beautiful mixed media canvas with it that makes me happy every time I look at it. Love my FC products.


I would use it in all sorts of mixed media!!

Sanna Friedner

I would first make happy dance if i was lucky to win this faboulus price! Them I would starr exploring and mixing these exciting products and make art journal pages with affirmations and canvases with smiling faces! What a fantastic chance an opportunity ! I keep My fingers crossed!

Debby R

Wow. What an awesome Prize!

Lee Murray

My grand-daughter Moira was just born on the 12th - I will be using this to make a journal/baby album for her! With the beautiful sayings that were on the wall in the NICU where she has been and lovely Irish sayings and stories intertwined with my art (I am also a fine arts teacher) the supplies will also come in handy with my art school I will be opening next year!

Kim Smith

You guys have great products and I am having fun learning all the ways to use them.

Shari Suzuki

love...Love...LOVE your products!!!
i'll probably make a mixed media wall on canvas, maybe? :)

Brit Sviggum

I just started using the Gelatos last weekend. And I L O V E them! I only have 10 colors now, but I will for sure buy the rest also. It`s a super product!!!! I would love to try your other products too. Brit

Bevie G

These products are new to me, but I have been watching crafters make some absolutely gorgeous things with them! Would love to get my hands on some and try out a few techniques.

Hetty Prins

In my journal there is Faber-Castell color on olmost every page. In our round robin journal group pages maling you see a waterfall off gelato's coming by : )


I would love to use this spectacular set in my art. I always work digitally because I can't afford a traditionals materials of high quality as these. I hope to be the lucky person who win. ^^


I am TOTALLLLLY speechless at your generosity!! I have no idea what I would make with ALL THAT GOOOOODNESS....but I do know it would be TONS OF FUN!!!!

Laurie Finch

Design Memory Craft are far and away my favourite products for all my art projects: canvases, layouts, cards, everything! I would love to win some of that awesome Whipped Spackle and I would give the gelatos to one of my friends who hasn't tried them yet because I have a full set!!

Jan Buckley

I would try the amazing Whipped Spackle, which is a new product to me with my large collection of stencils and masks and also freehand to add texture, I am wondering if I could tint the Spackle with the Gelatos?? Mmmm that would be so cool, but anyway, I could certainly used them alongside the texture and patterns made with my masks etc. They all sound like so much fun, I am planning to make some note books for family members as gifts and this would be the perfect ingredients that I need to make the covers really pop and each one would be so individual, Oh wow, I've talked myself into it, I have to have these!! Faber Castell is right up there at the top of the art suppliers in the world!.

jen deslauriets

Thanks for the opportunity, love these products !!!

Joyce Akers

I would be the best little advertisement. I would make cards, eggs for Easter, gifts for Father's Day and flowers for Mother's Day. Thank-you for the opportunity.

Sandra Wallace

I have 20 little canvases sitting here just crying to be smothered with delicious gelatos and whipped spackle! I have had whipped spackle on my wish list ever since watching Beck's tutorial. Thank you for the opportunity...great prizes!!

Stacy Davidson

Wow! What great giveaway!

Anita Rodway

What an AWESOME giveaway!!! Thanks for the opportunity! I LOVE my Gelatos & am I would love to add these pretties to my stash ;) Anita

Vicky Aberto

How would I use these products? They would add great texture and amazing color to my layout projects!


I plan to use your products to advertise our animal rescue in hopes of saving a life...


I'm new to both of these products but have seen great things done with the Gelatos. I'd probably use them to customize my art journal cover!


Both products are new to me so this would give me an excuse to hole up in my craftroom, go online for tutorials and have some FUN! I would probably use these on a card to start, and then expand to a larger project.

Betty Nelson

What can I say....I love all things Faber-Castell, especially the artist pens. This is something new that I would love to try out..


Wow! That is a great give away!! Hope to win.

Lanette Erickson

I have been dying to try the Spackle I know I would start with the 11x14 canvas I've been hoarding :) as for the gelatos I would use them on everything like I already do :).... such an amazing give away I can't wait to see what's next!

Susan Roberts

What an amazing giveaway prize! We only have a small craft store where I live so I don't get to buy the newer products. I really want to see and use the Whipped Spackle. I've been a big fan of Gelatos! Everything looks so yummy..hope I win !!

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