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Gelatos & Gesso Background Technique

March Giveaway


Are you ready for our biggest giveaway of the year???  

Our first prize is a tub of our Whipped Spackle and a pack of Gelatos in the colors of your choice. 

Here's how you can win:  Leave a comment below on how you plan to use the prize.  The winner of the first prize (Whipped Spackle and Gelatos) will be announced at 5PM on Monday.

Our Studio Caddy Premium Gift Set ($367.50) will be given away sometime next week so don't forget to stop by next week too! 
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*The giveaway will run through 3/14~ 3/21

*Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery


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Yoshita Ahmed

This is a amazing gift one can get as a crafter ..dreaming about my creation

Cathe James

I've been CREATING beautiful projects with your products for years!
Sure would love to win this :) You have the BEST PRODUCTs!!

jennifer davis

I would give it to my daughter & let her just go crazy with it!

Janice Nicholls

I have nothing like this in my scrapping stash...Oh how I would love to play!! The Gelatos would help me create some amazing backgrounds to my layouts. I would love them. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. Janice :)

Joyce Adams

I would use the whipped Spackle with my new gelatos to create mixed media art to share with my friends and family. Joyce Adams :) PS- It is my Birthday tomorrow and this would be a great present!

Leslie gwin

Just started using the black pit liner pens and love them...if the rest of the products are of that quality then I'm in! I would use them in my art escape...especially after a long 12 hour shift in a very busy ER! Thanks for the chance to win. : )


wow what a lovely giveaway. I love gelatos they are so easy and fun to work with..


I amnew to this. And I would love to create a beautiful picture, thank you for the chance at this cool giveaway.


I would use the Whipped Spackle in my journal journey. Great Prize. Gelatos now that would be fun.

Michelle May Wilson

I would love to win this set! I have so many wonderful projects for which these tools would be perfect!

Debby Graham

I love Faber Castell products and would love to have any of your products to make art with. Just found your site on the NET facebook page and hurried on over to sub to your blog.


Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! I would use the products to create my own cards, especially thank-you cards.

Lanetta Burdette

The gelatos are AWESOME to work with! The colors are so vibrant!! I love them because I can create a project and it will turn out better than I ever imagined!

Melinda Björkström

I would use these in my everyday art.
Thanks for the chance to win!!

Kathleen Picon

Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful prize. I have not tried gel atoms so this would be such a wonderful chance to try them.

Dona Simmons

I am an almost 50 year old woman who is going back to college for a second time. I received a BBA back in 1986 but never really "used" it. I raised my kids and got on with life...I guess I always knew I was more of an "artsy" person rather than a "suit" I'm headed back to college for a BFA and to fulfill my passion for art! What better way to get started than with Faber-Castell as a partner! I hear the Gelatos are the bomb! :)


WOW.... I would love to win your AMAZING gift package! I follow the blog and some of your artists on you tube! Your products are the BEST!
I have used Gelatos ON EVERYTHING....I have some of the Big Brush pens for art Journalling. I can't get all the colors, so I sure would love to try more! FABER- CASTELL products ROCK! So that being said, in my best Witchy voice "Come to me, my little pretties!"

Lynn Bilodeau

I would love to try mixed media

Allyson T

I am an art teacher and would love to win this set!

Isabell Willms

I would play and play and play and play...well you get the idea ;-) colors are just pur fun.alot of the Faber castel products you can't buy in germany so it would be awesome and amazing to win. I'd love to be able to try all the technics i've seen and can't improvice with the products available. Unbelievable giveaway. You are amazing!

Suzanne MA

I am finally getting back into my art after having breast surgery and taking care of my children after we moved 3000 miles from the only home we had ever known. My daughter loves art as much as I do and I would love to win this set to start us on the right path to beautiful work!!! If I don't win its okay to because someone else will be able to make the world more beautiful with their art!! Love your stuff!

Michelle Bartee

I have been wanting to try these for a while now. This would be an awesome win & addition to my collection.

Gayle Curry

Would love to try these out!


Oh my! I love all your products! Crossing my fingers...

Fran Katz

This sounds so exciting to me, to win the Whipped Spackle and pair it with the Gelatos. I'll be attending a batik on rice paper workshop that calls for watercolor, but instead use the Gelatos and the Whipped Spackle. This will be used to color in a Zentangle design called aquafleur. Oh, so exciting.

Elizabeth Snider

I would love to win this caddy! I am so interested in learning new crafting techniques!

Darlene Propp

What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

Renee Kunkel

Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. With five kids and Easter coming up---- the crafts we could spend the day doing. OMG!!!! This package looks amazing and filled with products I haven't used before---- nor noticed in my local crafting stores (don't panic advertisers .... One of those five children is a 17 year old who is extremely autistic and I don't actually get a chance to browse the isles beyond running in for refill of supplies for something I already have in the works)

Jane Marlow

If I were to win this wonderful prize I would use items to create fabric art and painted quilts. I have cute pattern found in a quilting magazine!


Hi, I'm making a journal for my adopted son for when he comes to our house, I would use the prize to fill the pages of color :-)))) I would like to understand how much he is loved and desired.

Becci Springer

Wow, this is my first time here. There is so much to see and do. I would love to win one of these prizes. I am always looking to try new things to craft with and these look like something I would enjoy.


That mean? Of course I would love to win it because it's a great product!! thanks for the great opportunity!

Darcy Grieger

Just used gelatos for the first time this weekend at a scrapbook retreat. I ♥ them. Lovely colors and so easy to use. Color just glides on. I make lots of cards and would love to use the gelatos on them.

Bonnie Totten

What a great give a way!! I would love to add to my 8 Gelatos! I love how they help me create!! I'm a new-be.

Jamie Taylor

I would use my winnings in my art journal and on other altered art projects!

Carla Hundley

Great giveaway.
I'd like to use
the items on a
layout I need
to make for
a scrapbook expo
I'm attending.
Carla from Utah

Susan Schultheis

I'm thinking #737 comment is the winner!! Wow what a following! I would definitely use the spackle for some great texture on my canvas or art journal page and the gelatos would just be the perfect product to give the spackle some pop! thanks so much.

Jean Marmo

Oh - The things I could create with Whipped Spackle! it would be on my layouts, on my cards, in my art journal and on canvases!!!

Cathy Cosgrove

If your new product has the creamy richness of your Gelatos, then it will fast become a staple in my studio! We have had a cold, snowy winter in Ontario and I have been itching to try a mixed media canvas capturing the beauty of the bare cherry tree branches in our back yard. Each branch seems to cradle a dollop of snow and the whipped spackle would appear to be the perfect medium to capture the snow. I think I will use brown tissue paper applied with diluted gel medium to shape the branches and a blending of my Gelatos to capture the sky.
That's the plan!

Anita Scroggins

Such a great prize pack! I am loving the new bigger Gelatos!!


The possibilities are ENDLESS!!


I was intrigued by the consistency of the Whipped Spackle in Nadia's card video and would like to give it a try on projects. As to the gelatos... love, love. love them! So know why you went to Double scoops. The small tubes in the bright cheery colours just get used up too quickly. As I am getting low on those cheery colours, I would use them to make pretty things, especially since I just got my very first art journal. So many new pages will definitely need Double Scoops of gelatos!:)

Jeannine Brenner

I have recently purchased the gift set of gelatos and I love them! I would love to try the whipped spackle! I want to start an art journal so that is what I would do with this if I won!

Marcia Campbell

I'd use this in art journals and see what I can do to use it a watercolor piece.. I love to play!


I would use the products on mini pieces of canvas and use on cards.

Nicole Davis

I love making cards among other craft projects.


What a great giveaway! I would have fun playing with them in my art journal.

Laura Strack

The Whipped Spackle would work great providing texture on my mixed media canvas. I would mix it with some wet Gelatos and spread it through my stencils. I'd also love to throw a layer down and play with some different tools, such as a plastic fork or stamps, to create random texture. Can't wait to try this stuff out. Faber Castell products are always tried & true! Thanks so much!!

Brie Cirbo

Keeping my fingers crossed. Such a generous giveaway!


Awesome prize! I would use it all in my art journals and ATC swaps.

Fi Brown

If I was so lucky as to win this lovely giveaway I'd play with the gelatos as I've been watching my friends create so many beautiful items with them.

Monica Polignano

love faber-castell, love gelatos, love this giveaway..... thanks for the opportunity....In Italy gelatos are hard to fin, If I was lucky I would like to do my first page of artjournal ... and many other yet...

Rachael Ashby

Oh wow, what a fabulous prize!
I LOVE mixed media at the moment, canvases, art journal covers and pages...would be over the moon if I won....

Dawn Appleton

Seen a few techniques I would love to try. Just excited about the chance to win as I know these are quality products. Got the art journals and canvases all lined up ready. Thanks for putting great products out there and for the chance to this fab prize

Lisa Rutherford

I love your products!! It would be amazing to win this prize basket. Thanks!

Diane J

I myself love the gelatos. Smooth as butter. Have not tried the spackle but would love to. Love the projects that you all post. Thanks for sharing!!


Oh fantastic!!! I just bought some of your gelatos but haven't had a chance to use them yet. I definitely plan to play with them on a layout very soon and I would do the same with this prize if I won. Thanks so much!!

Jennifer j johnson

I have been subscribing to several different blogs, mixed-media blogs, and that's all I would use your products. A lot of the blogs that I subscribe to use Faber-Castel products and gelatos. So I have been experimenting with these products and am learning to love them. Thank you for the opportunity to win.


I would associate them to my sturdy beautiful chipboards pieces from Tando Creative, and have tons of fun! Thanks so much for this great giveaway!!

Mary Ann Gutchigian

I would love to win this to give to my daughter, she is so artistic and has been too busy with college to enjoy her art lately. This would be just the ticket to get her started again, just in time for spring break and gearing up for summer art shows. Maybe she will make something for Beach House Retreats on LBI, so I can hang for all of our renters will enjoy it. Or better yet make something for The Wed and Bed so I can give it away to one of my newly weds!

Ellie Knol

O, I would start playing with it, not a difficult question!

Leslie Gwin

Just started using the black pit liner pens and love them...if the rest of the products are of that quality then I'm in! I would use them in my art escape...especially after a long 12 hour shift in a very busy ER! Thanks for the chance to win. : )

Kimberly Tomlinson

Oh my gosh yes!!!!
Please pick me.

Connie Quinn

I love getting inspiration to craft😃😍😍

Bonnie Causey

I do several things at my church involving children which includes Sunsay School, Children's church and a mission group. We do all kinds of crafts and all these products would be great in the the things that we draw and make. Thank you for this contest.

Kathy Knutson

Would love these to use in my new craftroom!

Mary Lounsbery

Would absolutely love this. Always wanting to try mixed media journals etc. Going on a missions trip to Jamaica in April. Have my journal ready to take along to journal in each day. Then when I get home add the photos etc...

Debra J Webb

Beautiful creative and inspiring products to create awesome arts and crafts with!
A great giveaway!
Wishing everyone creative inspiring blessings! ;-) <3

ildi miskell

I have wanted one of these for as long as I can remember!! Thanks for the chance!

Darlene Carroll

I have been wanting to try these products for such a long time. I have been watching videos of other people using these products on their projects and want to give it a go, but these are just not in my budget, so would love to win this.


I would use these products to just keep coloring my world. I love to scrapbook, to journal and to make cards - and playing with color is one of the best ways I know to put a smile on my face and to share some happy with those I love!

Laurie Benson

If I won this I would definitely share it with my 4 year old Granddaughter. We make art journal pages together a couple times a week and she already has a nice assortment of Gelatos, pastes, pens, stencils and other goodies so I know she would be excited for more.

jennifer widdison

I would love to win. It's so fun to play with gelato. I love using them on chipboard.

Amber S

I would love to use this in my art journal! I have also been needing art in my new house so I am thinking up some cute art pieces to make and hang. These would be perfect.

piper roman

i love the arts and creating them. your products are great.

chandra skinner

I would love to use these in my new craft journal.


Wow these look awesome to play with and come out with some creative things.. Thanks for the opportunity to win this..

Nancy Murry

WOW, these look amazing, thank you for the chance to win this great prize package. Pick me, pick me.....

Karen G (cardcrazed)

Not sure if I've entered yet, but I'd love to win this stuff, and make some great 3D projects on my canvas.. and try colouring the spackle as well.

Cecilia Hsieh

I only have three Gelatos, would love to win a whole lot more as I love using them! Thanks for a chance to win!

Kim McM

I want this! Pick me!

melissa vaccaro

I would love a chance to try these. Pick me Pick me!!!

Susan Warner

Well, since I know nothing about it, I would like to look at the videos for technique and inspiration and then just go to it! Thanks for the chance to win something!

Lora Nowak

I'm excited to learn about new products for my crafts. I'm happy that I found your facebook page. Even if I don't win anything, I love getting new idea's from other crafty people :) I would love to use some of the pictured products for all of my card making projects, scrapbooking and my repurposing old furniture :) I'm super excited to be following your page and look forward to learning more creative ideas!

Janis in ID

I am part of a ladies' craft group. I love getting to share special things with them!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com


Wow My son & I could think of a lot of things to do if we won!!

Vicki Bradley

I would use these for my mixed media art projects. I love Faber-Castell products. Thanks for a chance to win some awesome products!

Gina Howe

I would love to use the spackle with some stencils!


Hope its not to late.

Stella Wicker

I would like to win this to give to my best friend, she has been wanting some of this stuff for so long and she has done so much for me. I would love to do something nice for her. She really deserves it.

Jesica Wells

I would use this to continue my yearly goal of trying to incorporate new items into my crafting skills.


I would love to use the spackle in my mixed media art!!!! I love texture!!!


I've never used the whipped spackle, but I've wanted to!!! I'd love to try this on my canvases!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!


aaah... nothing like Faber-Castell to inspire us to create... :)
what would I do? I would play like a little girl. without over-thinking, over-analyzing and judging. pure color fun. :)

Becky Redfern

I would love to have this. Love your products...all of them.

Riti Poddar

My Jaw just touched the GROUND !!
Look at all that awesomeness...for a GIVEAWAY !!
I could use all that for my Art Journals, Canvas, Flower Making, Mini Albums, Scrapbooking, Stamping, Mixed Media, Altered Art...etc etc............ Could Use these for jsut about anything.. I'd love to Win these...It'll add to my Upcoming New Craft Room !!

THANKS for a chance !!
I {heart} Design Memory Craft !

Charlene Saunders

I Just Recently Bought My First Gelatos,I Love Them, Would Love To Have Some More Colors And Learn Some More Ways To UseThem,I Love Learning New Things Everyday,The Possibilities Are Endless In Crafting

megan mcdonald

I would love to do more art journaling, I love doing it but I find I am limited by what I don't have and really want to have. So this great prize would be well used.

tiff firth

Bec Beattie introduced me to Gelatos. What a Heaven on a Stick they are. My goodness I can't seem to scrapbook without a little gelato on my work.
And as for Whipped Spackle..... that would have to be the perfect marriage with Gelato surely. What an awesome combination of product to add hues of colour and dimension to projects.


hi, I would use Gelatos on mixed - media projects, there is so much inspiration on this blog, it would be a great fun to be able to try different techniques girls from DT are showing everyday here ;-) hugs from Poland

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