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Hello, Olga Siedlecka here. Do you love art journaling? I do love and every once in the while I have to transcribe my emotions onto papier. Since my last art journal burst at the seams I decided to try out the Faber-Castell one. It is dedicated to all media and I came to the grips with four out of the eight mentioned techniques: texturing, painting, collage and embellishing.


1.    To prepare the background I applied a thick coat of Whippled Spackle and press a few doilies on it to get unique patterns.


2.    After drying I obtained a nice surface to follow with watered Gelatos®. These journal pages can really stand layers of drippings and are perfect for watercoloring as well.


3.    Then came time for collage with Gel Medium. I also used PITT® Pastel Pencils to tint some areas and PITT® Artist Pens  to stand out some details.


4.    Finally I glued some embellishments and sprinkled black dots with Chalkboard Paint. The surface held perfectly everything in place.

With my next entry I’m going to check out the rest of techniques: doodling, misting, layering and stamping. I hope you feel a bit inspired. Have a nice day!


PITT® Artist Pens 199

PITT® Pastel Pencils Neutrals

Gelatos® Colors Watermelon, Blood Orange

Gel Medium, Whipped Spackle, Chalkboard Paint

Pallette knife, Stipple Brush


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Very nice work! I'm seriously thinking about doing my own art journal soon. I'm very inspired by all the beautiful things that can be done. Thank you for sharing!


The colors are beautiful ; however, I wish the military personnel wouldn't have been used as the meaning of this. I'm so afraid it may bother some who have family in foreign countries that are serving in hostile situations. I absolutely love the colors though. Please don't take this the wrong way. I have no one in the military, but it bothered me and I felt strongly that it should be said.

Anne Pennington

Loving your textures and collaging!

Carol Mc

Love the texture on your page.

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