Haunted Halloween Birdhouse and Video with Rachel (Comment here for Ustream)
Chalk Board Paint Patchwork

Mixed Media canvas: Is not a mistake... By Nicoletta Zanella (And last night's Ustream winner)

Sito 2


Hi everyone! I'm Nicoletta. At home I had a canvas, I watched it and i turned it... oh yeah it's much more interesting behind i think!I melted  Gelatos Double Scoop with water and I've sprayed on canvas

Sito 1

Finally, I highlighted the words with Stamper's Big Brush Pen #154-light cobalt turquoise- and Chalk Board Paint used with my calligraphy pen

Sito 5

watch the video tutorial! bye bye!!



I used:

Faber-castell Design Memory Craft Gesso

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Whipped Spackle

Faber-Castell Design Memory craft Snow Cone Gelatos Double Scoop

Faber-Castell Design Memory craft Margarita Mix Gelatos Double Scoop

Faber-Castell Design Memory craft Bubble Gum Gelatos Double Scoop

Faber-Castell Design Memory craft Stamper Big Brush Pen, Blue Collection #154-Light Cobalt Turquoise

Faber-Castell Deign Memory Craft Chalk Board Paint

Faber- Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos Mist Maker Set

Stencil: TCW261s Mini Art Is


Now for last night's Ustream winner...congratulations to Lorinda M! Please email your mailing address to naoko@fabercastell.com.  Thanks!


Really enjoyed Jen's Mixed Media Pumpkin U-Stream tonight.  I've never tried my gelatos on fabric before, but I'll definitely be making some of these pumpkins.  The Steampunk colors that she used are great. I hope this is the right place to leave the comment.

Posted by: Lorinda M | 10/22/2014 at 01:29 AM


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Beautiful canvas! Love that you used the back....great idea!
Congrats Lorinda M!


This is gorgeous - thanks for the fab video!!! Looking at all my canvases from behind now. ;)

Rachel Kleinman

your canvas is gorgeous!! i love all the dimension on the back and your pretty gelato sprays!

Linsey R

Ooo I just love this wonderful canvas Nicoletta!!! Most lovely and inspiring!!!

Congrats Lorinda!! Enjoy your new Faber-Castell goodies!!! :)


I love the canvas, Nicoletta!

Congratulations Lorinda! Have fun with your new goodies!


Beautiful canvas, Nicoletta! I enjoyed your video.


As usual Nicoletta, you have done exceptional work of art. First I thought...without reading the title..."Hell ..no is it a mistake...Nicoletta used a reversed canvas" and then smiled when I saw the title. Love and appreciate the techniques. I must now buy Faber Castell materials used in the video.


I love the idea of using the backside of the canvas... AWESOME!!!


FANTASTIC! I absolutely love how you used the back of the canvas!

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