Live CHA Updates Day 2 #CHA2015
How deep is your love?

Live CHA Updates- Day 3 and Wrap up

8:45 am- woke up to rain today. But it's still pretty nice. Getting ready for the CHA buyer hours (the buyer hours go from 9-11)

11am- Charity Wings in the house! Image


11:37- Ready for the rest of our new products? Here it is! We're releasing three new Gelatos packs: Bali, Manhattan and Macaron. You may have also noticed that we're launching these in a new clear barrel. i LOVE how sophisticated it looks now:)



And one of my personal favorites, three new 15ct. sets- Brights, Pastels, and Metallics.


Ever wanted fabulous, metallic paste that can be used in mixed media? Now we've got it! The Texture Luxe is available in Silver, Gold and Pearl. The Pearl looks amazing when tinted with Gelatos. Image

Texture Gems- these are liners that are great for embellishing. The three count comes in a set of Gold, Silver and Pearl, and the single count is available in Ice (this one is a clear liner). Image

We're also launching two sets of Mixed Media Stencils. These are great for mixed media. Once you've used them a couple of times, use the stencil as a background embellishment! Image

Texture Cards! We've been receiving great responses to this product! They basically look like credit cards with a jagged pattern on the end. Scrap it through any of our mediums to get a perfect finish. Image

12:08PM-Visited Design Team member, Rita Barakat at the Designers in Action showcase.  This is basically a place where top designers create crafts, and showcase different techniques that they like to use.   IMG_5338

Loved her display area too!! Isn't it gorgeous?


2:02pm- Lunch!! Here's why I love eating at trade show lunch areas- you bump into the people you don't expect to see. Today I saw our fabulous Guest Designer, Tonya Gibbs:)

















 Here's a couple more pictures of the show- it's hard to believe the carpet wasn't even laid until the day before the show (in fact, it wasn't even done when I left at 5PM the day before!) 


6:40pm- Team dinner!  


From left to right: Eric (Sales Manager), Jen (Designer), Limor(Designer), Lisa (Designer), Kathleen (Product Development), Tammie (DMC Sales Manager), Jamie (CEO), Tonya (DMC Brand Manager), Tina (Product Development), Christa (DMC Assistant Brand Manager), Naoko (Marketing Communications Coordinator and the writer of this post;)).  

I'm heading back to Cleveland tomorrow so today will be the last day of the live updates, but please be sure to ask us any questions you might have here at or at @DesignMemCraft.  



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Jess S.

Love the new gelatos colours! And the Texture Luxe sounds wonderful.

TracyM #6773

WOW - what a day!!!
SO MANY CRAFTY DELIGHTS are calling my name :)
Looking forward to learning MORE about them all!!!


Naoko, thank you for all your CHA update posts!! Sorry I couldn't get to the booth to say good-bye! You are amazing <3 I enjoyed working with you while I was a GDT - thank you for all you do :)

The new Gelato packaging is fabulous. LOVE the texture luxe!!! Can't wait to play with the new products when they hit the stores!!

Good luck at the show!!

Johanne Lacombe

Those are all wonderful. Love the new products.


Wonderful new products by Design Memory Craft, waiting to play with them!!

Debbie Siddle

Drool. I love everything Faber-Castell.

Carol Mc

Can't wait to play with those
texture cards.


Loved being there <3 you guys are all so damn sweet! xx

cinda nordin

Are the 15 packs all new colors or current colors with different packaging?


I know that the three four packs; Bali, Manhattan and Macaron, are new, but are the three 15 count packages new colors as well?

Angela McIntyre

Oh I cannot wait to play with all your new products! When will they be available and where can I get them?

Beatrice Lawson

The texture cards and new gelatos look amazing, and ?I want all the beautiful metallic pastes!

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft

@Cinda Nordin- 3-4 colors in the 15 ct. set are new!

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft

@Smokie- 3-4 of the colors in the 15 ct. sets are new!

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft

@Angela McIntrye- Thanks Angela! They'll be available in the beginning of March.

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