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Story of my first tattoo


Hello there! How are you? Do you have a dream you have long thought about and not yet found the courage to grasp it? Here's a story of my first tattoo.

Even as a young child I've thought tattoos beautiful and intriguing. They had a world of their own, their secrets and reasons why they were there. As a child I used to draw myself tattoos with a felt pen (to my mom's disliking) and really thought where and what kind of tattoo I'd like to have. Years went by and the dream stayed, but I didn't have the crystallized idea what and where. Then my husband took his tattoo and slowly but surely the gears in my head started to turn. And after some time to really get the courage I presented my idea to the same tattooer my husband had used and we set a date and I got my first tattoo. It went oh so brilliantly that just a few weeks later I reserved a time for my second tattoo and now I'm happy with them both.


 I used a very graphic background as my tattoo is actually very graphic but then added softening touches with  Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® products. I created the background using Gelatos® a few ways and also added touches with Art GRIP® Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils. The contrasting details like the black stamping and the little doodled details are made with India ink products - Stamper's Big Brush Pen and PITT® Artist Pens. Underneath is a video showing how I made the layout, I hope you enjoy!

I chose to go with a red and yellow palette and it was really easy to follow that through out the different mediums because the "Mix & Match": you can choose a color set and know that following the same set, everything will work beautifully together! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Until next time!


Materials from Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®:


Gelatos® Watermelon

Gelatos® Guava, Red Cherry, Bubblegum 

Gelatos® Lemon, Buttercream

Gelatos® Peach

Art GRIPP® Aqarelle Watercolor Pencils - Reds (colors 124 and 125)

Stamper's Big Brush Pen - Black

PITT® Artist Pens - Journaling

PITT® Artist Pens - Black


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Brane Petrovic

Very cool! Share some designs on getmeinked.com so people can try it on.

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