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Art Journaling month with Rita Part 1


Hey artsy peeps Rita Barakat here! Welcome to art jounraling month! Whats great about art journaling is there is inspiration everywhere! Gather your supplies! For me I start with inspiration. I take pictures everywhere I go - you never know where you will find something that inspires a project! I took these pics all around Dallas to use for inspiration of my art journal book! Sometimes it just takes a moment to notice the inspiration all around you!



Sunset on the lake on my way home.

Loving this lavender chair and the accidental pairing of it next to the turquoise table in one of my favorite stores.

Of course there is always inspiration when there is chocolate involved! Yum!

I am moved by color and texture - a close up of a table at a restaurant, look at these rich colors!

And last but not least this is a from a furniture store downtown I stumbled upon and fell in love with! Between the colors, textures and the overall feeling of this room there is so much inspiration here! 

May 2015 042 
After so much inspiration I am ready start journaling. I often start by adding textures  - sometimes it takes time to dry so I may do one page and set it aside to dry. Here I am adding layers of newsprint with Gel Medium.

May 2015 044
Putting textures down first is great if you don't know what color combos you are going with. 

May 2015 053
Some textures like Texture Luxe and Texture Gems take a little longer to dry, can you guess which picture inspired this page?

May 2015 055
Lots of textures, I am just waiting for them to dry!! Make sure you check back next week (part 2) so you can see what I do with them next! 

Textural Accents : Texture Luxe™ , Texture Gems ™ , Chalk Paint, Glaze, Gel Medium, Glass Bead Glitter Gel, Whipped Spackle
Square Journal Boards
Gelatos Tools Set



April 2014 132100siggyb
Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®, Deflecto, ColourArte and freelances for a variety of manufacturers



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Gloria Westerman

You are inspirational to me as all the colors and texture life has to bring...can't wait til next week...tfs

Linda Ann Smith

Great Inspiration! Love the photos!

Tricia Ann

Rita, I do the same thing. I notice the colors, shapes and textures of most everything. I don't take as many pictures as you but if something really grabs me, I do.

Rita Barakat

You are so sweet Gloria Thank you so much!

Rita Barakat

Thanks Linda!

Jean Marmo

Love this!

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