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"But Coffee First" doodle painting

1 - Lynn K but coffee first

"But Coffee First" by Lynn Krawczyk

Well hello there! I'm incredible excited to be a member of the Faber Castel Design Memory Craft® Design Team! My name is Lynn Krawczyk and I'm a complete pattern geek, can't get enough of it. So for the project I've got here today I'm combining two of my loves - an obsessive affection for coffee and drawing patterns.

The special element of this project is Texture Gems. But first we have to build our background and focal point so we'll walk through each step.

Each day for me begins with an extra large cup of Joe (Traverse City Cherry is one of my favorites) and my sketchbook. Much of that time is working on the daily patterns that I post to my Instagram account and a result of that practice has been quite a lot of pattern work creeping into my other artwork.

Would you like to show your love of coffee as well? Then follow along with the tutorial below and we can show our Coffee Pride together!

I'll list the specifics of each supply as the project progresses but here is a quick overview of everything that I used.

2 - Lynn K supplies


I'm working on a 12"x12" cradled birch painting panel. I did not gesso it because I like for the grain to show through. It's like getting a freebie layer.

Step 1: I created the background using Gelatos® in the following colors: Squid Ink, Margarita Mix, and Aqua Dolce. (Aren't those the coolest names??)

I scribbled the Gelatos® directly onto the panel, sprayed it with water and smoothed them out using a paintbrush until it created a lovely watercolor/wash effect:

3 - Lynn K gelato wash 1

I did it with all three colors across the whole board:

4 - Lynn K gelato background

It's quite important at this stage to left the panel dry completely. (Waiting is pretty much the hardest part.) If you try to work on it while it's still damp, you won't be able to use the markers over top of it. You'll notice in some of the following photos a little bit of writing on the background. I got impatient and tried to do that before it was 1000% dry and it didn't work well at all. The Gelatos® can be worked over top of but only when they are given a chance to dry.

* * * * * *

Step 2: Next I added the border using the bunting stencil from the Stencils 201 collection and the Stamper's Big Brush Pen® in Magenta 133 from this set.

Once I traced the shape I wanted, I colored it in using the Scarlett Red 118 Stamper's Big Brush Pen® from the same set linked above.

5 - Lynn K stencil


* * * * * *

Step 3: Now it's time to add the focal point and go nuts with details!

I drew a coffee cup shape onto some chipboard, cut it out and attached it to the panel using double sided tape. Then using PITT Artist Pens®, I began filling in the empty spaces with patterns and doodles. (The white portions of the coffee cup were done with an acrylic paint pen.)

6 - Lynn K adding coffee cup

Continue adding detail and color:

7 - Lynn K coloring in details

I used the following colors of PITT Artist Pens: Warm Grey IV 273, Middle Purple Pink 125, Magenta 133, Black 199, Cobalt Green 156, Sepia 175 and Stamper's Big Brush Pen® in Deep Scarlet Red 219.

So how do you decide what kind of details you want to add? It's purely a personal choice. I'd recommend practicing in a sketchbook or scrap paper before you work on the panel. I free hand draw straight away with the pens to avoid having stray pencil marks floating around where I don't want them.

* * * * * *

Step 4: And here is the star of the show - Texture Gems!

8 - Lynn K texture gems 1

So what is it? It's a super nifty clear gel that adds dimension and bling to your project without overwhelming the work you've already done. Things I really like about it:

1. It's a nice consistency and holds it's shape.

2. The tube that it comes in is soft so it's easy to squeeze it out - so you can add as much as you want without your hand getting tired.

3. It has a tip so you can draw with it like a marker or pencil.

I got super enthusiastic about it and added it in several places:

9 -  Lynn K texture gems 2


10 - Lynn K texture gems 3


Since it's clear, you need to get up close and personal with the work and that's a good thing - it's a great element for coaxing people to spend more time viewing what you created. Allow it to dry once you've added it and it's really durable.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and that you'll give these awesome products a shot in your own artwork! :)


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Ruby C

Like the wood bonus layer and your bright colors and creative doodling. Looks like fun.

Jean Marmo

I need the Texture Gems!


Absolutely love this Lynn. First I love how you did the border. But - wow - then all the other additions are perfect - everything in exactly the right place. It's a WONDERFUL piece. I have never used the texture gems - I can't wait to try them. I'm not sure I could do art without my Big Brush and Pit Pens so I bet I will love the Texture Gems too. Thanks bunches for a great tutorial. j.

Denise Spillane

Love this project. Lynn so good to see you here!

Denise Spillane

Love Lynn and her cool project. I think you are as addicted as I am Lynn.

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