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Hey everyone! Lisa with you today to share how to use your stencils that may have gotten a little tattered or torn in a new way! This is a super easy way to give those stencils new life. 

1. This is the Stencil I'm working with today. I could probably keep using it. But it's pretty gunked up and has some tears here and there. So I've decided to repurpose this one. It's from the 101 Collection.

2. Since I chose NOT to coat this stencil with Gel Medium prior to using it (which you can easily do to prolong the life of your stencils) it is super easy to tear into the piece you desire to use.

3. Next select the Gelatos® to be used for the tag background. Since I'm using a black tag, I thought the Gelatos® Colors 15 ct: METALLICS would look perfect. The colors I chose were: Metallic Melon, Metallic Grape, Metallic Blueberry, Metallic Mint, Metallic Icing, and Iced Pear. 


4. The Gelatos® were scribbled randomly all over the tag in the colors selected in Step 3.

5. Then the Gelatos® colors were blended in using the warmth from my fingers to obtain a very soft, halo-type effect.

6. Using the torn piece of stencil, it was laid over the tag and Glass Bead Glitter Gel was applied through the stencil using a Palette Knife. Lift up the stencil and allow the Glass Bead Glitter Gel to dry.

7. While the Glass Bead Glitter Gel is drying, go around the edges of the tag with a PITT Artist Stamper's Big Brush Pen in Black #199. Highlight the lines that were just made with the Metallic PITT Artist Pens.


8.  Coat the torn stencil piece  lightly with Gel Medium and give it a good scrunching and dry it. This will help the stencil keep its shape when attached to the tag. Once dry, attach to the tag using a stapler.

9. Scribble a Gelatos® Double Scoop® in Black Licorice onto your work surface. Add water. Using a paintbrush, mix the Gelatos® Double Scoop® and water, then "flick" the mixture onto the tag. Allow to dry.

10. (Photo of the tag with the flicked Gelatos® on it.)

The additional items that I did to finish this tag were to stamp a sentiment onto vellum and heat emboss it. Wrapping the vellum on a diagonal makes it a little more interesting and allows for the Glass Bead Glitter Gel to still be seen. Additionally, I placed a few pearls and gems within the recesses of the stencil - just for fun. And last, but not least, I stuck strong adhesive down in random areas and rubbed a foil product on top.

Here is a close up:


Thanks so much for joining me today and I wish you all a wonderful week!

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® Supplies:

Glass Bead Glitter Gel
Gel Medium
Stencil 101 Pack
From the Gelatos® Colors 15 ct: METALLICS – Iced Pear, Metallic Blueberry, Metallic Grape, Metallic Melon, Metallic Mint, Metallic Icing.
PITT Artist Stamper’s Big Brush Pen Black #199
Gelatos® Double Scoop® Black Licorice
Metallic PITT Artist Pens – 3 Ct Color
Gelatos® Tool Set (Palette Knife)

Lisa Sig


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Tiffany Johnson

You are the queen of tags! Thinking you should make a little tag tutorial series ;)

Ruby C

You've used my favorite stencil from the 101 set and it makes a fabulous layer. I love the colors and textures on your tag. The metallic gelatos and glass bead glitter gel look amazing on the black tag. Your tag Rocks!

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