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 Hi, Ann here and I so excited to share my next step by step project. I am having an absolute blast guest designing for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft.  I love to make art, I make it every day! It makes my heart sing! It fills my soul! It stretches my creative muscle! Art journaling is such a perfect outlet! Art journaling is all about expression and experimentation. You can't do it wrong-every page is a learning and growing experience. Make lots of art, like everything the more you practice, the better and better it gets. Trust the process.

As you will see, I love mixing lots of artsy mediums with the beautiful rich colors of Gelatos. Mixed Media at it's finest! I hope you are inspired to get out your favorite Faber-Castell art supplies and make some art today! Here we go!

 1. I covered my page with Faber-Castell's Gel Medium.


 2. While the gel medium was still wet, I applied a piece of Hazel and Ruby Pass the Tissue-ephemera collage. I smoothed it out with my brayer.


 3. I chose 3 gelato colors-Margarita Mix, Snow Cone and Bubble Gum, to watercolor paint on my tissue paper base. I rubbed the gelatos onto my craft mat, then mixed with water until a paint like substance appears. 


 4. I painted a sun ray kind of pattern onto the tissue with all 3 colors.


 5. I applied Bronze gelatos through the Fleur d lei stencil with my stipple brush.


 6. I added a bit more water to the bronze gelato and splatter painted all over the page.


 7. Mark making adds another level of dimension to any project. Mark making is done with a variety of tools, this time, I used a empty thread spool that had a cool pattern, and my Texture cards dipped in the watered down bronze gelato paint. 


  8. Next I wanted to add even more dimension, so I spread some silver Texture Lux with my palette knife, randomly around the page, then moved it around with my  Texture cards.



 10. Framing artwork helps the colors in the artwork pop, adds visual interest and life to your art. I ran a black gelato around the edge of the journal entry, then smudged it with my finger.



 10. I began to build a creative cluster of a mix of colors and textures on the lower right side of the page, starting with this cool turquoise cursive alphabet washi tape.


 11. I like to add a positive quote or message to each of my journal entries, and when I do, I scribble around them with my black Aquarelle watercolor pencil for some added interest and dimension.



11. Next I activate the watercolor pencil, by smudging the line with my deluxe water brush.


 12. For the title, I wanted it to be bold and really stand out, so I used a black chipboard alphabet.


 13. I absolutely love wood veneer and flowers,so I colored this darling little flower with a Bubble Gum gelato-I painted it with the watered down technique first, then pulled color in from the edges to really add dimension and depth.



14. To set off the flower a bit more, I applied bronze gelato around the edges with my finger.



15. The flower was the crowning glory for my cluster.


Taa Daa-the finished product!





  • Gelatos® Colors-Bubble Gum, Margarita Mix, Snow Cone, Bronze and Black
  • Gel Medium
  • Texture Luxe™ (Silver)
  • Texture Cards
  • Mixed Media Stencils 
  • Art GRIP® Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils-Black 199
  • Texture Cards
  • Deluxe Water Brush
  • Palette knife

Amy Tangerine wood veneer flower

Hazel and Ruby Pass the Tissue-Ephemera collage tisse

Queen & Co- Teal Quartz stones & Aqua Twinkle goosebumps

We R Memory Keepers Bewitched Chipboard alphabet stickers

washi tape


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