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Art Journal page with Zoey

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Hello everyone!

Zoey's here today with a quick and easy art journal page. The inspiration for this art journal page I had it from the quote "home is where your heart is"...quickly changed in "Home is forever".

I love using Mini Journal Boards as the base of my art journal pages, they are ready to work on, but I like to add a really thin layer of Gesso before starting to add any other mediums.

I grabbed few colors from the brand new Gelatos® Colors BRIGHTS , I scribbled the Gelatos® and then I blended everything with a baby wipe. I love how smooth are the Gelatos® on Gesso!



While the page was drying, I grabbed a scrap piece of paper I had in my stash and I added with my spatula a thick layer of Whipped Spackle through another brand new products from Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft, Stencils 10ct 201 Collection.



I set it aside to dry, then I took again the art journal page and I glued down with Gel Medium some pieces of Tissue Paper to add some interest to the background. I also blended in some red.



I covered everything with Chalkboard Paint and let it dry for more or less 40 seconds....



Then I removed everything with a baby wipe and added some scratches with a toothpick.



I fussy cut another piece of scrap paper and I added Texture Gems™ Ice after coloring it with Stamper's Big Brush Pens 3ct: NEUTRAL. This Texture Gems™ Ice will dry clear and you will see at the end it will add a really nice detail to the roof of the house..



I set it aside to air dry, you HAVE to wait till the Texture Gems™ Ice is dry enough otherwise you will make a mess! It does not take a lot, it all depends on how thick you put it down. I waited an hour. 

I used again Stamper's Big Brush Pens 3ct: NEUTRAL to add some shades and help the details to pop even more.




I draw some circles and with my fingers I added a bit of gesso and with a black pen I added some scribbles. With Stamper's Big Brush Pen BLACK I stamped randomly around the page, to add even more interest. I love stamping with Stamper's Big Brush Pen BLACK because they are made of India Ink, so this mean it is archival, water resistant and permanent once dried.



And then all I had to do was glueing everything together....

The heart you see is made from a piece of heavy cardboard, colored with red Gelatos and darkened up with some Stamper's Big Brush Pen BLACK. I added crackle paint to add interests....

And here's some details....



I am in love with Texture Gems™ Ice and I love the fact that it dries completely clear. The shape of the "pen" is really helpful with fine details....



I decided to just put the word "forever" instead the "Home is where you heart is" because as I was creating this, I realized that family love is forever. (Where family does not necessary have to be human, LOL! I love my Beagle!)



Here's the final project....AJ_FULL

What do you think about it? Let me know in the comment below!

Stay happy, stay creative...till next time!

Ciao Zoey


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Awesome creation Zoey!!


Its Awesome !


Awesome journal [age!

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