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Ann Corbiere-Scott's 'Trust' Art Journaling entry featuring Gelatos and so much more!


 Hi, Ann here and I so excited to share my next step by step project. I am having an absolute blast guest designing for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft.  I love to make art, I make it every day! It makes my heart sing! It fills my soul! It stretches my creative muscle! Art journaling is such a perfect outlet! Art journaling is all about expression and experimentation. You can't do it wrong-every page is a learning and growing experience. Make lots of art, like everything the more you practice, the better and better it gets. Trust the process.

As you will see, I love mixing lots of artsy mediums with the beautiful rich colors of Gelatos. Mixed Media at it's finest! I hope you are inspired to get out your favorite Faber-Castell art supplies and make some art today! Here we go!

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Wearable Crafts Week with Lisa


Hi everyone! It's Lisa with you and it's my turn on the blog to share my craft for our Wearable Crafts Week. Have you been enjoying the projects so far? So fun, right?

I have a super awesome tote bag to share with you today. I currently live in California and bags like these are an absolute necessity! We have a plastic bag ban, so you NEED a nice roomy bag like this to take shopping with you. And customizing it just makes it so much more personal. Who wants a bag that looks like everyone else's? Not this gal!!


I love that this bag already had the gold accents on it. It made it so fun to run with that idea. 

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Wearable Crafts Week

Wearable crafts week



Are these pins not the cutest things ever??  Pins are one of the most versatile crafts you can make to spruce up any outfit (and we're not talking about your Grandmother's pins!).

We were walking in the street the other day, and we saw the cutest flats in a store window with twine flower embellishments.  It was literally calling our name...until we saw the price tag.  The other con that came with the flats was how the embellishment could get dirty in a few wears. Who wants to be walking around with worn out embellishments?  Our solution was to create these removable pins that you can stick onto your existing flats.  And we're happy to say that it looks just as good as the ones we saw in the store:)

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Wearable Crafts Week with Jen


Hi!  It's Jen Matott here and I have an adorable wearable art clutch purse to share with you today!  I love getting dressed up and going out on the town and having your handmade accessories creates "Wow" factor in style!  This week the New York State Fair is opening which means the end of summer and beginning of Fall.  I entered Fine Art works and crafts into the competition and won 7 awards!  They have an art reception to see the work before the general public does.  So, I went with a couple of my friends and wanted to wear something fabulous as an exhibiting artist!  This little purse was perfect!

ClutchesThe clutch purse was a sort of canvas like material and has a leopard print inside lining.  It needed more color!

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Wearable Crafts Week with Rita

Wearable crafts week


Hey there Crafty Peeps Rita Barakat here today. In my travels I have met a lot of ladies that have  interesting jewelry. I especially love the ones that people make themselves. I thought it would be fun to make a little bracelet and right now natural accents are still very popular.So I thought I would take a stab at it and make my own! This is how it turned out! 

3-Aug 2015 035 

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Wearable Crafts Week!

Wearable crafts week

Now that the kids are back in school and we finally have a bit of time on our hands, we'll be sharing budget friendly accessories that you can easily whip up and feel great about!   This feature will go on all throughout the week so don't forget to come back for more inspiration:)  

Our first craft up is this scarf.  Now we gotta say, we have an unhealthy obsession with scarves.  They can be worn multiple ways, and the color/style choices are endless.  Plus, it's perfect for dressing up an outfit with minimal effort.  Not that we rely on scarves this much to add color to our outfits...ahem.

 The best part about this craft is that you don't necessarily need to go out and buy a new scarf to make this craft.  You can definitely find something new, but you can also go shopping in your closet for an old scarf;)  Scarf

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Happy Day-Watercolor background tutorial with video by Valerie Ouellet


Hi everyone!

I like to create colorful layouts and I love the colors of the new Gelatos® Bright kit.

For this project, I would like to show you a technique to create a watercolor background very easily with Gelatos®.

First, prepare your scrapbook sheet with Gesso and dry it with the heatgun. You can now start applying your Gelatos®. After this step, spray water on your works.

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Altered birdhouse, steampunk style with Claribou

Principal birdhouse escalier

Greetings, partners in crime. 

For my last project, I designed a layout using Black Cherry Gelatos® from the new Steampunk Collection. I so totally felt in love with this rich colour that I figured I could use this lethal weapon one more time. 

As you might know, most serial killers do tend to leave evidence at the scene of a crime. Those clues help forensic experts to draw up the killer’s profile which will eventually lead to his arrest (I'm going somewhere with this, stay with me). This is called the signature. Usually, it refers to the selection of the victim and what it means to him. Sometimes, they even leave those clues behind intentionnaly. Indeed, some of them do want to get caught.

Well, I don’t. I do not intend to leave clues behind me. They are looking for a killer artist creating scrapbooking layouts using Gelatos ? I will not do that. I will go outside the box this time. Same weapon. Different victim. 

A bird house. This should put them on a very wrong track.

I hope you don’t mind me taking you along with me on this journey.

So this is how it went. 

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Art Journal page with Zoey

Art journal2

Hello everyone!

Zoey's here today with a quick and easy art journal page. The inspiration for this art journal page I had it from the quote "home is where your heart is"...quickly changed in "Home is forever".

I love using Mini Journal Boards as the base of my art journal pages, they are ready to work on, but I like to add a really thin layer of Gesso before starting to add any other mediums.

I grabbed few colors from the brand new Gelatos® Colors BRIGHTS , I scribbled the Gelatos® and then I blended everything with a baby wipe. I love how smooth are the Gelatos® on Gesso!

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