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Just say yes - art journal by Maya Isaksson

Maya Isaksson art journal faber castell design memory craft600

I really love to make pages in my art journal. To me it's a fun way to try out new techniques, products or just play a bit without the need for it to be perfect. And if something goes wrong there's always Gesso to cover everything up and start over again. This time I was in the mood to make something soft and calm instead of bright and colorful as I usually do. Here's how I made my page.

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Altered Vase Ustream Class Tonight!


Earlier this month we were cleaning out our supply closet at Faber-Castell, and we noticed a bunch of old vases that were leftover from a trade show.  The vases were nothing special- just plain glass vases probably purchased in bulk from a wholesale store. One thing we hate is waste so we thought about re-purposing them and giving them a new life. 

Designer Lisa Adametz was called to help us with this mission, and we think she did a fabulous job!  So grab your old glass vases and login tonight to join us on Ustream at 9PM EST!  We'll be giving away a few of our favorite products after the class so don't miss it!

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This class will be held on Ustream at 9PM EST


This giveaway is now closed. 

The grand prize winner of this Ustream class is Keast!  Congratulations!  Please send your mailing address to  


Give Me Wings... A Journal Page


Hello!  It's Guest Designer Lisa Lahiff here with you today, and I am stopping by to share a new journal page that I have created by mixing and matching lot of Faber-Castell Design and Memory Craft goodies.  Let's take a look at the over all project first, and then I'll share step by step instructions/photos on how to replicate this look for yourself!

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Metallic Canvas with Jen Matott

Hello everyone!! I have a little canvas project to share today.  I created this with a burlap covered canvas board.

 I added lots of fun Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Textural Accents and miscellaneous pieces from my stash.   I wanted a gorgeous art decor with lots of circles and arrows.

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A Gel Printing Experiment with Marjolaine Walker



Hello creative friends, it's Marjolaine Walker here and I'm back with the second part of my mini mixed media art journal. Since I'm inspired by people who are true to themselves, I decided to expand on the words that I had on the other six pages of my journal. Be brave, kind, honest, bold, amazing and REAL! This time I experimented with something new, Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® products with a gel printing plate. It was a lot of fun seeing what worked and what didn't and I hope you will try it for yourself. I mixed and matched some Gelatos®,  Texture Luxe™ and  Chalk Board Paint and finished it off with Pitt Artist Big Brush Pens which are permanent, light fast, acid free and archival. I recorded the process so you could see, I hope you enjoy the video!

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Rita's Ustream Class!


Thanks for joining our class with Rita today!  The recap can be watched here.

Our next class will held next week at 9PM EST with Lisa Adametz.  Hope to see you there!  In the meantime, you can RSVP for that class here. 


The winner of the Grand Prize Giveaway is G. Oubre!  Congratulations- please send your mailing address to

Who doesn't love Leftovers!


Hello Everyone!

It's Limor Webber here with a quick, fun and super simple project!

I know my children hate left overs however I love them! no I am not talking about food! I am talking about the left over paint, mediums etc that you have left over on your table after you have completed your project.

I hate throwing out good paint so I have started a project called "operation save the paint"  

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DIY mini coloring book!

1 - Lynn K DIY coloring book final 2


Hi ya! Lynn here and I've got a super cute quick project for you that is perfect for popping in your bag and making art on the go.

My geekiness over drawing tons of patterns has led me into creating coloring book style drawings. I'm sure you've heard about adults turning to coloring books to de-stress from our busy lives? Well, here's how you can make a coloring book from your very own designs.

1 - Lynn K DIY coloring book final 1

1 - Lynn K DIY coloring book final 3


Here are the supplies that I used for this project:

* Mini Mixed Media Journal®

* PITT Artist Pens® in various colors (I'll tell you the colors during the tutorial)

* Paper Crafter Crayons NEUTRAL®

2 - Lynn K DIY coloring book supplies


Can I just say that the Mini Mixed Media Journal® seriously has it going on? We're talking very heavy duty  board that lets you work on both sides. Which means with a six board set you can go nuts and create TWELVE patterns to color in - woo!



I used Pitt Artist Pen® in Cold Grey VI 235 to create the outlines for the patterns:

3 - Lynn K DIY coloring book individual pages 3

3 - Lynn K DIY coloring book drawn pages

If you're new to drawing patterns, here are a few tips:

1. If you need some inspiration, take a look around you. You'll be surprised at how many everyday items have patterns on them. They make great jumping off points for your own drawings.

2. Use a black or dark grey pen to draw your patterns - these create great contrast for the colors you will add.

3. Draw large shapes/images first and then go back and fill in with smaller details.

* * * * * *

STEP 2: 

Once you have your patterns complete, it's time to COLOR!! Yay! I used a combo of Pitt Artist Pens® and Paper Crafter Crayons® on this project.

4 - Lynn K DIY coloring book markers and crayons

 I started coloring with Pitt Artist Pens® in the following colors:

* Deep Scarlett Red 219

* Orange Glaze 113

* Magenta 133

* Cobalt Green 156

* Black 199

5 - Lynn K DIY coloring book coloring 1

5 - Lynn K DIY coloring book coloring 2

* * * * * *


After I finished with the Pitt Artist Pens®, I worked with the Paper Crafter Crayons®. Since the journal boards do have some texture to it, you can see a little bit of it come through when you use the crayons. But I really like the effect, makes me think of coloring as a kid. :)

The crayons are super cool, lots of pigment and really smooth. Here is how I applied them to my pattern:

5 - Lynn K DIY coloring book coloring 3

5 - Lynn K DIY coloring book crayons 1

5 - Lynn K DIY coloring book crayons 2

And viola! Your little coloring board is done!

1 - Lynn K DIY coloring book final 1

 I adore creating super complex projects but I also value the simpler, FUN projects too. It's nice sometimes to just play and go with the flow. That's how this project feels to me - a lovely little pause in a hectic schedule.

I hope you'll make your own little coloring book and if you do, I'd love to see pictures - have fun!!!!

Whimsical Bloom Gelatos® Colors Canvas


Hello my fellow artsy friends!

 Jill here with a fun and bright summery bloom on canvas using Gelatos® Colors from Faber-Castell.

Do you love to doodle? I totally do…. And the subject always seems to be flowers. I love how whimsical and one-of-a-kind you can make them. They're a fun,  imaginative and exciting subject for me because no two of mine ever look alike. Needless to say I have stacks of art journals filled with doodled flowers!

Here we go! 

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