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Hi!  It's Jen Matott here and I have an adorable wearable art clutch purse to share with you today!  I love getting dressed up and going out on the town and having your handmade accessories creates "Wow" factor in style!  This week the New York State Fair is opening which means the end of summer and beginning of Fall.  I entered Fine Art works and crafts into the competition and won 7 awards!  They have an art reception to see the work before the general public does.  So, I went with a couple of my friends and wanted to wear something fabulous as an exhibiting artist!  This little purse was perfect!

ClutchesThe clutch purse was a sort of canvas like material and has a leopard print inside lining.  It needed more color!

ClutchMatott - 1So, using Gelatos® colors in Bubblegum, Snow Cone, Mango, Orange Soda, and Black Cherry I created areas of overlapping color.

ClutchMatott - 5Then, I added water with a brush and mixed some of the color, while layering the Black Cherry on top.

ClutchMatott - 6
Once dry, I used the arrow stencil from the Mixed Media Stencils 101 pack to create some metallic texture with Texture Luxe in Gold. This stuff has such a gorgeous shine to it!

ClutchMatott - 8

Once dry, I added some drawn elements from the same stencil.  I used the Stamper's Big White pen to give a base color and then used a PITT Artist pen with a brush tip in black to create some sketchy lines.

ClutchMatott - 10

ClutchMatott - 20

To protect the purse, I added a layer of Gel Medium over the entire exterior!  Allow to dry completely and it will not affect your color or designs but give a nice overcoat that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth while protecting your artwork!

ClutchMatott - 9

ClutchMatott - 17

Isn't that texture awesome?  I loved how the Gelatos® colors just soaked right in and create vibrant and rich designs! This little number got me numerous complements and it was a perfect addition to my night!

ClutchMatott - 19

The back view of the clutch.


Here I am with one of my winning art works... 1st place!  WOW!  

Hope I inspired you to alter an accessory for a unique accent to any outfit!


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Awesomely decorated clutch & congrats on 1st place on your painting!

Courtney Craig

OMG!! I need this now!!! Where did you find the clutch?? Thanks for a new idea!!

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