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Mixed media Art Journal pages with Rita Barakat

RitaBarakatMixedMediaArtJournalGrace Hey there creatives Rita Barakat here and today I want to talk to you about layers! One of the things about art journals and mixed media is anything goes! I want to show you how I started these pages in my art journal with left overs! Yes left overs! When I have paint or Gesso leftover on my paint brush or spatula while working on a project I wipe it on another page on my art journal for future use. Yes, sometimes I like to start with a clean canvas, but sometimes I don't- it makes it a little bit of a challenge but also more interesting.

RitaBarakatMixedMediaArtJournalGrace2 Here you can see I added a light layer of Gesso over the color I already had on my pages. I am not trying to cover them completely but giving myself a good base to start with. To do this use a spatula to get some Gesso on your surface then take an old credit card/hotel room key to spread and only leave a thin layer of Gesso. Then I grabbed some Gelatos® Colors to start laying down some color.  (Top to bottom- Cinnamon, Chocolate, Peach)

RitaBarakatMixedMediaArtJournalGrace3 Adding more colors - Grape and Blueberry and spreading with a wet paint brush.

RitaBarakatMixedMediaArtJournalGrace4 Adding a little Lemon to the background. (Note how the old paint splotches are still there but I just work with it?)

RitaBarakatMixedMediaArtJournalGrace5 Adding  some raised details with Texture Gems ™.

RitaBarakatMixedMediaArtJournalGrace6 Working in conjunction with the color that is already there is Iced Rose. (Don't you just love the metallics?)

RitaBarakatMixedMediaArtJournalGrace8 This princess needs a little bling on her gown!

RitaBarakatMixedMediaArtJournalGrace7 Previously I had torn one of the pages in half, adding a flap where I can add journaling. I decided to put the title  her name on the flap. After hand writing her name I added texture with gold this time. (Note how the Glass Bead Glitter Gel sparkles on her gown!?)

RitaBarakatMixedMediaArtJournalGrace9 Here are the pages with the book and flaps open. I think the original paint added some depth and interest to these pages, don't you think?

And here she is close up! What do you think? Will you add layers by adding leftovers to your next mixed media art journal pages? Blessings!
Rita Barakat
April 2014 132100siggyb
Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® and freelances for a variety of manufacturers


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Helen Gullett

Rita, this is beautiful!!! WOW...Do you have a video how to create this? :) Thank You for the inspiration!

Rita Barakat

Thank you Helen! No - not this one - sometimes it happens when you are are in the moment and I am lucky if I remember to take pictures!


Rita, this is fantastic! I love, love, love how she turned out! And I too hate to waste anything so I always spread extra paint or gesso or whatever on another page of my journal. Just adds another layer and gives me a challenge to work with! Thanks for your inspiration and sharing your talent!

Rita Barakat

Thanks Jill!

Jean Marmo

Just so pretty! I lvoe this!

Rita Barakat

Thank you Jean!


She's beautiful & graceful - i love all the extra touches you give your creations & wish I could afford all those yummy supplies!

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