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Gift Wrapping with Paper Crafter Crayons™ and Clover Mini Iron with Mou & December Take the Challenge Winners


Hello bloggers, Mou here today with another gift wrapping idea using the Clover Mini Iron along with Paper Crafter Crayons™!


This little iron has long been popular with quilters and seamstresses for bias techniques, appliques, and more. But the iron can be nifty for the paper crafters as well. Today I'm going to show you just one technique of using the Clover Mini Iron.

Let's start with a list of supplies:

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Paper Crafter Crayons™ Red/Yellow

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Texture Luxe™ Gold

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Stencils 10 ct 101

Clover Mini Iron

Sizzix Thinlits Die - Box, Milk Carton

Die cutting system (The die-cutting is totally optional)



Pom poms


And now, it's time to walk you through the steps.


Follow directions on the Clover Mini Iron package to start heating up the iron safely. It's a great tool but like any iron, it can burn you if you are not careful. Turn the heat setting to high. The iron will be ready to use within 5 minutes of turning it on.


While the iron heats up, choose your favorite color of Paper Crafter Crayons™. I'm going with the traditional red. Twist the crayon to expose a good half inch out of its plastic barrel. Carefully, rub the crayon on the hot surface of the iron and let it melt. Simply swipe the melting crayon on the cardstock surface. Repeat till you have covered the whole sheet.


You will get a glossy, somewhat textured, one of a kind wrapping paper.


Here, I die-cut my little gift box out. But as I mentioned earlier, it is totally optional. You could simply wrap the paper around your gift, stitch it, hand cut it, etc.


Let's take this one step further to make it even more festive. Lay the dots stencil on the paper and apply some Texture Luxe Gold.

Wrap your gift in, tie with a ribbon and add some pom poms to finish!

And now, the winner of December 2015 Take the Challenge with Mou...

great challenge, love your wrapping paper Mou
here is my entry http://laury55.blogspot.be/2015/12/emballage-cadeau.html

Congrats Laury!  And thanks everyone who joined in this month :)

Laury, please get in touch with Naoko for your prizes. Email her [naoko@fabercastell.com] with October 2015 Take the Challenge winners on the subject line.

Will see you all next month with another creative challenge :)





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thanks a lot!!!! I wish you all a Merry Christmas


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