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How to Get the Most Out of Gelatos


Here's a fun tip on how you can use one Gelatos to create different tints with our mediums.  


  1. Select your medium.  We wanted to show you a good array so we decided to go with the mediums above. 2
  2. Cut off a chunk of Gelatos and mash it with a spatula.  We're often asked how much Gelatos we use when we do this.  The answer is- it's up to you!  The amount of Gelatos we use in every project really comes down to the project itself and how saturated we want the custom tints to be.  In our example above we used 1/4 in of Gelatos and about a tablespoon of the Texture Luxe Pearl.  Once the Gelatos is mashed, mix it up with your desired medium until smooth. 3
  3. Here's what it looks like when it's all mixed.  From left to right: Glass Bead Glitter Gel, Texture Luxe Pearl, and the Whipped Spackle.  We only used one color here, but if you wanted to, you can use multiple colors, or even multiple mediums to get the color and consistency you want.  Have you ever mixed Gelatos with mediums before?  What are a few of your favorite combinations? 





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Shari Arbogast

This is really great, thank you. I've recently been looking into more mediums. Gelatos and embossing pastes are two I am most excited to try, so this helps quite a bit. 💗💗💗


Thanks for this post. I haven't used any medium or gelatos before and this took some of the apprehension away.

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