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Be Awesome Canvas - by Lisa


Hi everyone! It's Lisa here to share a really "awesome" canvas with you today. This is on a 6 x 6 " non cradled maple hardwood art board and is perfect for creating any king of mixed media pieces. I use the term "canvas" loosely as it actually has no canvas attached to it, it is solid wood.

I wanted to use some of the older Textural Accents, older Gelatos® colors and mix them up with the new, and this is what I created. I hope that you like it. I had a really great time creating it. 

First step, when creating on a porous surface like wood it's generally a good thing to prime it with Gesso. I layered it on rather thickly trying to create texture with my palette knife. Let it dry either naturally, or with a heat tool.


Then rub the surface with layers of the Gelatos® colors. I started with Blood Orange, then Banana, then Squid Ink (all from the Gelatos® Designers Colors - 50s Diner).


After the colors have been rubbed in I then misted the Gelatos® with a mister from the Gelatos® Mist Maker Set and allow them to drip and run into each other, tilting the board to shift the drips. Allow to dry or heat set, being very careful not to over dry.


Place remnant of stencil (from Stencil 101 collection) on board and using new Asphalt Texture Paste work through stencil in upper right hand corner of board.


Using Glass Bead Glitter Gel ,  a stencil from new 301 Stencil Collection , and palette knife -- spread the Glass Bead Glitter Gel through the word "Be" in the stencil "Be Awesome".


Mash a portion of Acqua Dolce Gelatos® with Pearl Texture Luxe™, and Whipped Spackle to create a creamy and shimmery consistency.


Spread the mixture with a palette knife through the word "awesome" (which is part of the same stencil).


As the words dry, you may find that you need to highlight or lowlight parts of the words. This may be achieved using Gesso for the highlight and a Stamper's Big Brush Pen in Black (a paintbrush and a touch of water) for the lowlight. I did highlighting AND lowlighting around the word "BE" and lowlighting around the word "awesome".

Adding some extra bits of Acqua Dolce Gelatos® at the bottom of the piece along with some random Gesso here and there as highlights finished it off.


And here's a little close-up, too...


I hope that you enjoyed my creative process!

Products by Faber-Castell® Design Memory Craft®:

Palette Knife
Gelatos® Designers Colors - 50s Diner
Gelatos® Mist Maker Set
Stencil 1o Ct - 101 Collection
Asphalt Texture Paste
Glass Bead Glitter Gel
Stencil 10 Ct - 301 Collection
Texture Luxe™ Pearl
Whipped Spackle
Stamper's Big Brush Pen #199 - Black
Collapsible Water Cup

Lisa Sig


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Amanda R

Thanks for the tutorial! I love the stencil and all the texture!

Cornelia (fun stamping)

Totally awesome !


great work love your canvas

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