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Doodle Pumpkins for Fall

Pumpkin Beauty One
Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the colors, the cool weather, the changing leaves, and pumpkin spiced food. Today's project features the Gelatos® Color of the Week, Orange Soda and incorporates everything that is good about the season in one project.  The graphic black orange design allows you to take this pumpkin from Halloween to Thanksgiving, so make one today!


To make a doodle pumpkin:

Get a white, foam, pumpkin and scribble some Orange Soda Gelatos® on the top of it.

Pumpkin Step One

Then use a wet brush and start working water into the area you just colored. Use LOTS of water and allow drips to happen. Set aside to dry and then repeat the same process, only using a Black Licorice Gelatos® this time and try to keep the majority of the color in the top area of the pumpkin. Set aside to dry.

Pumpkin Step Two Pumpkin Step Three

While the pumpkin is drying, get some watercolor paper and sketch out a leaf shape, then color the inside with Gelatos®. I used Orange Soda, Mango, and Lime to get some Fall colors. Don't worry about coloring inside the lines-you'll be cutting the leaves out. Allow the color to dry completely, then use Pitt® Artist Pens to draw doodles on the leaves. I used Black and Orange Glaze pens. Cut the leaves out.

Pumpkin Step Four

Pumpkin Step Five

I used stick pins to attach my leaves to the top of the pumpkin which allows me to move them around, but you can also glue them on if you wish. Make sure you make extra leaves to sprinkle around your table and for other Fall decor projects.

Pumpkin Beauty Two




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Deborah S

Love, love, love this wonderful Fall project. The leaves really make this pumpkin pop tfs!

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