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Autumn Napkin Rings

Hey friends!  Adrianne Surian here with you today sharing a quick and simple way to add color to your place settings this season.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner in the U.S., and between now and the end of the year is when many of us do the bulk of our entertaining.  This is the only time of the year I get the actual linens out, and these autumn napkin rings are a great opportunity to put a little bit of my heart onto the table top!  

Autumn Napkin Rings - Iced Chai 2WM

This design is easy to replicate and can be modified to fit your own color scheme!  I'm using the Gelatos® color of the week, Iced Chai, along with Iced Currant to match my red linens, on a subtly Guava-colored background. 

Autumn Napkin Rings - Iced Chai 7

The addition of Gel Medium and Glass Bead Glitter Gel gives the leaves a hit of sparkle and texture, and best of all - each napkin ring can be completed in just a few minutes (with a little drying time in-between)!  Just pick your favorite autumn-themed paper punch and I'll show you how to get the look!

  Autumn Napkin Rings - Iced Chai 8

In-expensive wooden napkin rings can be found at most craft stores to use as your base.  First, start out with a thin base coat of Guava Gelatos mixed with a bit of Gel Medium.  Because I'm going for a leafy-look, I didn't want to cover the wood grain completely!  Just a hint of the pink color was all I was going for.  Here and there, I dotted a tiny amount of Iced Currant on the ring to give the background a little bit more depth with small areas being slightly darker.  You can blend with a firm sponge wedge, or just use your fingers.  

Autumn Napkin Rings - Iced Chai 9

Next, I created my own stencils.  Now, the Design•Memory•Craft stencils are beautiful, but most of them are a little too large for such a small project.  So, using a small scrap of removable craft vinyl, I punched a few maple leaves out to create my own small stencil.  If you don't have craft vinyl, you can use contact paper, or even cardstock with a bit of spray adhesive.

Cut off a bit of Iced Currant Gelatos, and mix it with Gel Medium.  Give your napkin rings a few stenciled leaves (I added 3-4 red leaves to each ring) and set it aside to dry.  (This process can be sped up with the aid of a heat tool, also!)

Autumn Napkin Rings - Iced Chai 10

Next, cut off a bit of Iced Chai Gelatos with your palette knife, and mix it well with Glitter Glass Bead Gel.  Go over the napkin rings again with a new leaf stencil, layering them over the red leaves.  The shiny gold color and the heavier texture both help to set off the featured color of the week for a beautiful autumn theme!

Autumn Napkin Rings - Iced Chai 3

Because each layer of color has been mixed with Gel Medium or Glitter Glass Bead Gel, you shouldn't have to worry about sealing the rings with an additional coat of Glaze (although you may, if you like).  

Autumn Napkin Rings - Iced Chai 6

All that's left to do is slip a napkin through each ring, and set your table when it's time to feed your guests!  It's a small touch, but when you look around, there's a way to incorporate your artistic touch to any occasion - even a family meal.  

Autumn Napkin Rings - Iced Chai 4

Thanks for joining me for this great quick project!  You can review a full list of the supplies used below. 

Adrianne Surian


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Wendy Bellino

These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your process, I wondered how to use gelatos on wood without it wiping off! Brilliant to mix with gel medium!

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