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Slumber Should Be Broken: A Mixed Media Canvas


Hi everyone! Mou here today with a mixed media canvas tutorial for you. Holiday season is busy, so let's get started right away.


Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos® Colors: Metallic Grape, Iced Chai, Iced Coffee

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Textural Accents and Tools:


Gel Medium

Whipped Spackle

Texture Luxe™ Gold

Gelatos Tool Set

101 Stencil Collection

102 Stencil Collection

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Stamper's Big Brush pen: Black

Sizzix Thinlits Die - Doily #2

Others: canvas, cardstock, old book paper, resin accent, stamp, tissue


Color canvas with Metallic Grape Gelatos and blend with gesso.


Once the color dries, lay a stencil from the 102 Stencils Collection on the canvas and apply Whipped Spackle with palette knife.


Ruffle up some tissue paper and attach to the canvas with gel medium. Layer a die-cut doily on top.


Once the surfaces dry, add more colors with Iced Chai and Iced Coffee Gelatos. Color the die cut doily with Black Stamper's Big Brush pen. Layer a stencil from the 101 Stencil Collection on top of the doily and apply Whipped Spackle with a palette knife.


Ink up a background stamp with Stamper's Big Brush pen and stamp around the canvas.


Add some strips of old book paper near the top left part of the canvas.


Rub some Texture Luxe Gold and dilute some of it to so it will drip down. Let dry.


Attach a resin accent with gel medium. Rub more Texture Luxe Gold on it. Attach a phrase cut out of old book paper.

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial.



Metallic Grape Ornament

Metallic Grape Ornament

For my family, now that Thanksgiving has passed in North America we have moved our focus onto Christmas.  In preparation for creating some new ornaments this year I picked up a package of these Styrofoam balls from the craft store and I decided to decorate each of them differently, and this is the first ornament.

Now this week our Gelatos® color is Metallic Grape, which isn't necessarily the first color you think about when you think of holiday colors, but I don't believe you have to stick to traditional rules in art! 

To create this ornament I dug through my fabric stash for some white background fabric and came up with these three patterned fabrics: houndstooth, polka-dot, and a light cream with some screen printed white flowers on it.

Grape - Supplies


I started off by ripping my fabric into about 1" strips. 
Grape - Supplies


I took my Gelatos and scribbled it all over my craft mat, not minding the little chunks that were there.
Grape - Supplies


Next, I sprayed a lot of water onto the Gelatos and used my spatula to blend it together as I smashed out the chunks. I also gave the fabric strips a good spritz.
Grape - Supplies


I then took all of the fabric strips and kneaded them into the diluted Gelatos to dye them.
Grape - Supplies


I then let all the strips dry by tossing them on my craft mat as I used my heat gun on them.
Grape - Supplies


I love how all of them turned out, but the fabric with the flowers on it was my favorite since the screen printing acted as a resist to the diluted Gelatos.
Grape - Supplies


After heating up my glue gun I began wrapping the Styrofoam ball with the dyed fabric alternating the patterns and directions I wrapped.
Grape - Supplies


I also hot glued a ribbon onto it as well so I could hang it on my tree.
Grape - Supplies


You can stay tuned to my blog for how I decorated the remaining ornaments in the weeks leading up to Christmas!




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Quick Thanksgiving Place Cards

2016-10-30 11.16.17

Hello creatives, this is Rachel again and I'm so excited to usher in a new Gelatos® Color of the Week... CARAMEL! It is such a beautiful creamy color and it worked wonderfully as the main background on my tag. With Thanksgiving just over one week away (can you believe it!?) I have created these quick and easy name tags for your Thanksgiving Dinner Table.  

It's so easy to make I even have a video for you! You can watch it here or at the facebook link here. All you really need is a tag, the Scandinavian Collection stencil, and a few gorgeous autumn Gelatos®: Caramel, Iced Currant, Cinnamon, Blood Orange, and Iced Chai. Make sure to take advantage of the Gelatos® Blending Tool! It makes the colors blend like buttah :)

2016-10-30 11.16.44

I cut each name out of watercolor paper using my Silhouette Cameo. I then painted a thin coat of Gesso so the Gelatos® would blend more easily. To finish off the name, I coated it with Glass Bead Glitter Gel... because I can't live without Glass Bead Glitter Gel! 

2016-10-30 11.16.32

I hope you all have a beautiful, tasty, and safe Thanksgiving holiday! Thanks so much for joining me today :)



Gelatos: Caramel, Iced Current, Cinnamon, Iced Chai, Blood Orange

Stamper's Big Brush Pen - Walnut Brown

Design Memory Craft Gesso

Design Memory Craft Gel Medium

Design Memory Craft Glass Bead Glitter Gel

Mixed Media Stencil Scandinavian Collection

Texture Gems™ Gold

Other Supplies:

Silhouette Cameo

Manilla Tag


Watercolor Paper


Thankful Mixed Media Page

Caramel 5 Watermarked

Hi Loves. Tiare here.  My mixed media journal always needs some love.  There is always time to play and get creative in my journals.  So very grateful for moments to create.    Speaking of gratitude, my page is centered around being thankful.  I love making pages and just allowing certain words and thoughts to inspire my creativity.  

This is the time of year that we start to focus on gratitude.  Each year I do 30 days of gratitude inside my Gratitude Junk Journal along with some other creative souls. Therefore, for this page I was simply feeling thankful for this experience each year and of course, I am also happy for the challenge to create with the color of the week.  It helps me to expand my creativity and step out of my comfort zone. The week's color is Gelatos® Caramel.  Here's what I did: 


Caramel 1

Cover page with Gesso.  Next, use Stamper’s Big Brush Pens:  Orange Glaze 113, Chrome Yellow 268 and Pink Madder Lake 129 to create your background.  Draw color onto craft sheet, spritz with water and drag page through color.  Do this one color at a time.


Caramel 2

Use stamps to add colorful shapes to your page.  I used Stamper’s Big Brush Pens:  Orange Glaze 113, Chrome Yellow 268, Black 199 and Pink Madder Lake 129 to add a variety of colored shapes to the background.  Color onto each stamp, 1st color and stamp image around page. Repeat with other colors. 


Caramel 3

Doodle your flowers using PITT® Artist Pen Black 199.  Color in flower petals using Gelatos® Caramel, just color and spread with the blender.  Add a little to the background as well, by coloring and spreading with your finger or blender.


Caramel 5 Watermarked

Adhere a cute, dimensional flower near doodled flowers.   Use a PITT® Artist Pen Black 199 to write the word, "Thankful." Lastly, use Gold Texture Gems™  to scribble around page to add sparkle. 

Tada!  So fun!

Supplies Used: 


Me in PinkTiare Smith is a mixed media/art journal artist and instructor. 

She hosts a weekly challenge: Embrace Your Art 2016: Journal About Me (JAM) Challenge, which features weekly prompts, creative challenges and process videos. 

She also hosts a variety of online, mixed media workshops, as well. 

Join her for more creative fun at

Happy Fall With Raspberry Gelatos and Jamie Dougherty

Hello everyone and Happy Friday. I have a fun mixed media project for you that will get you into the mood for Fall. This project would be perfect for place-cards on Thanksgiving, personal card fronts, or journal inserts. The warm fall leaves as they turn , hold such rich and enchanting colors. Our Raspberry Gelatos is the perfect accent color. The bold purple color blends nicely with the yellows, oranges, and reds that Mother Nature provides us.

(For the best results, press your leaves in a book for a few days prior to beginning)

Take a look at my video below to see how I created this colorful fall piece. Also a couple of quick techniques to try out with your Gelatos and leaves as well.

FullSizeRender 44

Supplies Used:

Gelatos® Rasberry, PITT Artist Pen Ruby Metallic 290*, PITT Artist Big Brush pen Green Gold 268**, Glaze, paint brush, watercolor paper 5x7"




We would love to see your inspired creations. Please share with us on Facebook and Instagram, your beautiful Design Memory Craft work.


Hugs and Blessing

Jamie Dougherty

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So Grateful!


Hi everyone, Mou here from with a canvas project using Gelatos® color of the week Raspberry! As we get closer to Thanksgiving, gratitude is on our minds. We are also thinking of getting our homes ready for the holidays, to entertain our family and friends. I wanted to create a piece that spoke to both: a word to ponder over and a handmade home decor project. Follow along to see how you can make it too.

Supplies you'll need:

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos® color:

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Textural Accents:

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Stamper's Big Brush Pen: Black

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Essential PITT Artist Pens BLACK

Sizzix Bigz Die w/Bonus Textured Impressions - Millinery Leaves

Others: 7" x 9" canvas, stamp, diecuts, found papers, washi tape, moist baby wipe, scissors


Start by applying a coat of gesso to the canvas. I used one measuring 7" x 9". You could choose any size you like.


Rub some Raspberry Gelatos in the middle of the canvas.


Blend with a lot of water. Let dry thoroughly.


Ink  any background stamp with Black Stamper's Big Brush pen and stamp around the canvas.


Using Gel Medium, layer found papers, tapes and die cuts on the canvas.


Layer the tribal patterned stencil from 102 Stencil Collection near the right edge of the canvas and apply Whipped Spackle with palette knife from the Gelatos Tool Kit. Lift off the stencil immediately and clean it with a moist baby wipe.


While the medium dries thoroughly, die-cut and emboss the leaf and color it with Tangerine Gelatos. Rub more Raspberry Gelatos over the embossed stem and veins.


With your B tip Black PITT Artist Pen, write 'Gratitude' on a piece of paper and cut it into a small banner with scissors.


Attach the little banner and leaf to the canvas to finish.

I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial. Before I go, I want to say to you that I AM SO VERY GRATEFUL TO YOU ALL! Thanks for checking out my tutorials, visiting my personal blog and leaving sweet comments and your questions. Thank you!


Autumn Napkin Rings

Hey friends!  Adrianne Surian here with you today sharing a quick and simple way to add color to your place settings this season.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner in the U.S., and between now and the end of the year is when many of us do the bulk of our entertaining.  This is the only time of the year I get the actual linens out, and these autumn napkin rings are a great opportunity to put a little bit of my heart onto the table top!  

Autumn Napkin Rings - Iced Chai 2WM

This design is easy to replicate and can be modified to fit your own color scheme!  I'm using the Gelatos® color of the week, Iced Chai, along with Iced Currant to match my red linens, on a subtly Guava-colored background. 

Autumn Napkin Rings - Iced Chai 7

The addition of Gel Medium and Glass Bead Glitter Gel gives the leaves a hit of sparkle and texture, and best of all - each napkin ring can be completed in just a few minutes (with a little drying time in-between)!  Just pick your favorite autumn-themed paper punch and I'll show you how to get the look!

  Autumn Napkin Rings - Iced Chai 8

In-expensive wooden napkin rings can be found at most craft stores to use as your base.  First, start out with a thin base coat of Guava Gelatos mixed with a bit of Gel Medium.  Because I'm going for a leafy-look, I didn't want to cover the wood grain completely!  Just a hint of the pink color was all I was going for.  Here and there, I dotted a tiny amount of Iced Currant on the ring to give the background a little bit more depth with small areas being slightly darker.  You can blend with a firm sponge wedge, or just use your fingers.  

Autumn Napkin Rings - Iced Chai 9

Next, I created my own stencils.  Now, the Design•Memory•Craft stencils are beautiful, but most of them are a little too large for such a small project.  So, using a small scrap of removable craft vinyl, I punched a few maple leaves out to create my own small stencil.  If you don't have craft vinyl, you can use contact paper, or even cardstock with a bit of spray adhesive.

Cut off a bit of Iced Currant Gelatos, and mix it with Gel Medium.  Give your napkin rings a few stenciled leaves (I added 3-4 red leaves to each ring) and set it aside to dry.  (This process can be sped up with the aid of a heat tool, also!)

Autumn Napkin Rings - Iced Chai 10

Next, cut off a bit of Iced Chai Gelatos with your palette knife, and mix it well with Glitter Glass Bead Gel.  Go over the napkin rings again with a new leaf stencil, layering them over the red leaves.  The shiny gold color and the heavier texture both help to set off the featured color of the week for a beautiful autumn theme!

Autumn Napkin Rings - Iced Chai 3

Because each layer of color has been mixed with Gel Medium or Glitter Glass Bead Gel, you shouldn't have to worry about sealing the rings with an additional coat of Glaze (although you may, if you like).  

Autumn Napkin Rings - Iced Chai 6

All that's left to do is slip a napkin through each ring, and set your table when it's time to feed your guests!  It's a small touch, but when you look around, there's a way to incorporate your artistic touch to any occasion - even a family meal.  

Autumn Napkin Rings - Iced Chai 4

Thanks for joining me for this great quick project!  You can review a full list of the supplies used below. 

Adrianne Surian

Watercolor Abstract Holiday Placecards

Placecards Beauty Shot

The holidays are almost here. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I always host it. While I'm not usually formal, on Thanksgiving I usually make place cards. It helps reduce the confusion of all the relatives milling around the table, trying to find a place to sit! This year, my table colors will be brown and aqua so I made some place cards by creating an abstract, watercolor pattern on some 3" x 3" Bristol paper.


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