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Watercolor Pencils Aren't Just for Water!


How can Glaze create soft layers of color?  By using it with Stamper's Big Brush Pens and Art Grip Aquarelles! Carolyn Dube here sharing how Glaze can play with these pens and pencils while coloring a few flowers.

Start by loosely tracing over some of the lines in a design with an Art Grip Aquarelle.  You can use a page from a coloring book, clip art, a stamped image, or something you've drawn.

Pitt-pens-glaze-coloring-flower-carolyn-dube-11Usually, you use water with a watercolor pencil, but not here.  Dip a paint brush into Glaze and then brush it over the pencil.  Be sure to put the brush in water as soon as you are finished so the Glaze doesn't dry on the brush.


To add another layer of translucent color, use a Stampers Big Brush and color on a piece of transparency plastic or other non absorbent surface. Then dip your paint brush in the Glaze and mix with the color on the transparency and color in more of the flower.

You can see on the transparency below that each time I did this, I used a fresh or clean area of the transparency.  This is because I want to avoid getting any of the wet Glaze on the pen. Pitt-pens-glaze-coloring-flower-carolyn-dube-14

You can change the intensity of the color by altering how much Glaze or color you use.  I primarily used the Big Brush Pens because the bigger tip goes faster than a smaller tip, but you can also use a standard size brush tip Pitt Pen.


Thanks for joining me for today's play! 

Supplies Used


Art Grip watercolor pencils (I used 121)  

Stampers Big Brush Pen (I used Orange Glaze, Leaf Green, and Dark Naples Ochre)


Transparency plastic (or other non absorbent surface)


1 carolyn-dube-square-300hr copy 

Carolyn is a self- taught mixed media art adventurer who has rediscovered play. She plays with every color of the rainbow, avoid rules whenever possible, and lets the little kid inside of her free.  You can find more of her play at



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Excited to see you on here Carolyn!! Love her art + her personality <3


Thanks Carolyn, love watching your videos I learn something new every time. Love the flowers.

Jean marmo

Wonderful project. LOve Carolyn's work


I do enjoy your videos. You make art fun and easy to do techniques. I am by no means an artist artist but I do enjoy mixed media and painting, inking and well, just having fun.
Thank you Carolyn for sharing the wonderful technique.


Can I come and live in your studio? I'm only small so can fit in a little corner and come out at night to play when all is quiet around.

Carmen Lucero

Love this technique, thanks for sharing!!


Sharon Field

I have never seen this technique before and I must say, it is quite nice. Loved the video with your very easy to follow instruction. Thanks for sharing.

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