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Gelatos and Texture Play


No matter how bumpy, Gelatos can add color to any texture!  Carolyn Dube here playing with textured areas as I add layers of color to this canvas.  There was even an O.O.P.S. or two along the way.  What is an O.O.P.S.?  It's an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly.



Watch on YouTube. 

The crocheted doily created lots of texture to grab the color while the canvas board provided a subtle texture.  No matter what level of texture you add Gelatos to, you have the flexibility to leave it as it is or to blend it.  


 To blend the color, simply rub with a baby wipe or a damp paper towel.  The more you do this, the more blended it becomes. 

Gelatos-mixed-media-play-carolyn-dube-2A Stamper's Big Brush pen added the color on the found poetry to add the final touches. The Gel Medium that I used to attach the doilies to the canvas board also worked wonderfully with the little pieces of text.


Thanks for stopping by for a bit of texture and Gelatos play!Gelatos-mixed-media-play-carolyn-dube

My Messy Mandala

My Messy Mandala 2

Hi Loves,

Tiare here.  I was recently inspired to create a messy mandala by one of my artsy pals.  I love her style but had to put my own spin on it.  I love mandalas but don't have the patience for "perfection" or trying to create art based on a formula.  I like freedom.  So I let go of the measurements and went in with my own coloring and doodling.  I thought, this was the perfect technique to share a card of encouragement.  With all the devastation happening with fires, earthquakes and hurricanes, we could all use a bit of uplift.  This card is one way to do so.  Markers, coloring and lettering are all the rage right now and these fallish colors add a nice touch.



My Messy Mandala 1


Supplies Used:

Tiare Smith is a mixed media/art journal artist and instructor. 

"Bee Yourself" - An Art Journal Page

Hi all. Today I'm going to share with you my latest art journal page featuring some of my favorite Design Memory Craft products.

2017-09-06 21.39.36L


2017-09-06 20.37.48

As usual, I started by giving my page a layer of Gesso to prime my page and help it receive the various mediums better.

2017-09-06 20.39.59

Using the hexagonal stencil from the Stencil 101 Collection, I added Banana colored Gelatos.

2017-09-06 20.42.25

2017-09-06 20.43.26

To begin building up some depth, I added Mango Gelatos to the outside edges of each hexagon and blended it with my finger.

2017-09-06 20.44.55
2017-09-06 20.44.55

Next, I did the same with Tangerine Gelatos.

2017-09-06 20.55.03

To make my honeycomb area larger, I flipped the stencil and repeated these steps again.

2017-09-06 21.00.47

To help define my honeycomb even further, I outlined each with my Stampers Big Brush Pen in Nougat.

2017-09-06 21.05.10

When the ink is still wet it has a wonderful, blendable quality to it, that I love. As you can see here from my page, I wasn't aiming for precision. I really like the grungy effect that was emerging.

2017-09-06 21.12.41

I defined my page edges using Tangerine Gelatos, Stampers Big Brush Pen in Nougat, and Gold Champagne Gelatos.

2017-09-06 21.16.54
2017-09-06 21.16.54

For my focal point, I colored a stamped image with Art Grip Aquarelles in Yellow and adhered it to my page using Gel Medium.

2017-09-06 21.25.07
2017-09-06 21.25.07

To add a little more visual interest, I used my Stampers Big Brush Pen in Black to color right onto my rubber stamps to add some texture and a sentiment.

2017-09-06 21.38.00.Ljpg

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and that I've inspired you to get out your Gelatos and Pitt Pens and spend some time creating. I wish you a wonderful week. Happy Arting!

xo, Belen



Watercolor Gelatos: A Feathered Forest

Diana Trout here today with a technique using Gelatos to create a watercolor effect. Check out the video for a close up on how I prep my Gelatos for watercolor.


Here are the materials I used for this project. 



Metallic Blue 
Iced Chai
Iced Coffee
I used the silicone tray from the Honey Medium kit. You can use a piece of palette paper or craft mat.
1/4" flat brush
1/2" flat brush
Watercolor paper: 140#
Pitt Pen, Black S

Here I'm preparing my Gelatos by spraying the silicone tray (or palette paper) with water and then rubbing the Gelatos in a circular motion to create a puddle of water. You can make the color as thick or thin as you like. Remember that the way to create pale washes with watercolor, you use more water. Gelatos are the same.


I decided to make a forest of feathers for this painting. I decided to draw a loose line around the area I was painting. I used a black Pitt Pen for that. I used a pencil to lightly draw in my feathers (Google Feathers :). When I was happy with the drawing, I went over the lines very lightly with the Pitt Pen, then erased the pencil lines. 


I wanted a glow around the feathers so I outlined them with the Limoncello Gelatos and then used a wet flat brush to wash the yellow Gelatos out. 


In the next picture, you see me dotting wet Comet Gelatos into the wet Limoncello Gelatos. The wet colors with mingle together. 

I let the background dry a bit (you can hurry it along with a heat gun). Next I added some more green Gelatos and mixed it with Metallic Blueberry. I kept layering the color, letting it dry, then layered another darker color on top. 


To add pattern, I used the Gelatos from my palette. In the feather on the far left, I didn't put any background color in. Then I added some fun stripes. 

It's fun to come up with simple patterns for your feathers. Again, Google feathers and plenty of examples will come up.


This is a fun way to work with Gelatos as you can use the washes in the palette and the Gelatos. You can pick up more color from the wet Gelatos too. I leave the caps off my Gelatos until they are dry. Enjoy! 

Here is a short video illustrating how I created my watercolor Gelatos palette.

Diana Trout: My Blog

The Highlight of my Week

I'm a planner girl through and through. I love decorating them and using them to keep track all of the many projects and activities that make up my days. So when I come across a new tool to use in my planners I can hardly wait to give it a try. This was the case with these Gelatos® Highlighters. They're acid-free pigment sticks that glide on without water and give a nice vibrant color to your planner pages.   


2017-09-04 16.52.32L

I used them in this week's planner layout and can tell you that they'll be something I keep in my planner bag.

2017-09-04 16.19.13
As I usually do, my planner pages are made up of a mixture of stamping and writing. I used one of my favorite pens which is a Essential Pitt Artist Pen and the stencils that come included in the the Gelatos Highlighters to draw my boxes and tick boxes.

2017-09-04 16.30.31

To add color, you can rub the Gelatos Highlighters directly from the stick onto your paper, or you can do as I do, which is to rub the pigment onto your finger and then use your finger as a "tool" to apply the color to your paper.

2017-09-04 16.34.01

I like the nice smooth finish you get when using your finger.

2017-09-04 16.38.59

The stencils are incredibly easy to use. Just place them where you want them and use a pen to outline the shape.


Apply the Gelatos Highlighters.

2017-09-04 16.40.43

And there you go, wonderfully pigmented color that you can write over.

2017-09-04 16.43.49

You can see here the rich color that these Highlighters add.

The pack comes with 4 different Gelatos Highlighters.

2017-09-04 16.56.04L

Whether you're a planner girl, a student, or just like to highlight sections in your books or notebooks, I encourage you to give them a try. You just might find them to be the highlight of your week too!

xo, Belen


Art Journaling with Tea Stains


Hi everyone, Mou here with a tutorial to show you how to use Tea Stains on your art journal pages!

Let's start by looking at the supplies:

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft -

Tea Stain - Agra

Stencils 10-ct 101 Collection

Whipped Spackle

Essential PITT Artist Pens - BLACK

PITT  Artist Pens Lettering Set - JEWEL BRUSH

Stamper's Big Brush Pen - BLACK

Gelatos Tool Set

Other -

100% Cotton Fabric

Rubber stamp

Dye Bath Containers

Hot water

Watercolor paper, Magazine page, Scrap Paper, Seam binding, Tags

Sewing machine, Thread, Needle

Baby wipe


Start by preparing the dye baths, one for each color. Place the Tea Stain Dye bag in the container and add hot water to it and let it steep just like tea for about 5 minutes. Be careful to not burn yourself.

Place 100% cotton fabric squares into the dye baths. Leave it in longer for more saturated colors. Carefully remove and let the fabric dry.


Also dip in some  seam binding and baby wipe into the dye baths. Let them dry.


Add some pattern to the dyed fabric, torn in strips, with rubber stamp inked with Stamper's Big Brush pen.


Layer your papers and fabric as shown. Machine stitch to hold everything securely in place.


With Essential PITT Artist pen, sketch a key on a manila tag.


Attach the tag to the page. Machine stitch.


Add some texture to the page with Whipped Spackle applied through the dots stencil from 101 collection with palette knife.


Make marks on the page with Stamper's Big Brush pen and Jewel Brush Lettering pen. Also add some stitches to the page with needle and thread.


On a small tag, add a word and attach to the page to finish.

I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial!