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2017-12-15 Gelatos Pitt Pen Place Cards 3 MARKED - Belen Sotelo

Today I'm going to share how you can create personalized place cards, with a creative flair, for your next holiday dinner using Gelatos, Pitt Pens, and a few other supplies.

2017-12-10 11.58.58

I started off with a piece of card stock coated with Gesso.

2017-12-10 12.01.38

Using an Art Grip Aquarelle Water Color Pencil, I loosely made some abstract scribbles on my card stock.

2017-12-10 12.07.44

Using a Cherry Gelatos, that I rubbed on my craft sheet and spritzed with water, and a Deluxe Waterbrush, I randomly applied the color to my paper.

2017-12-10 12.23.15

I did the same thing with Spearmint and Gold Champagne Gelatos.

2017-12-10 12.32.21

Once dry, I used my Pitt Pen Holiday Lettering Set to add marks and create more visual interest on my paper.

2017-12-10 12.55.40
I wanted even more texture, so I used the Spearmint Gelatos again and a stencil from the Stencil 101 Collection to add some dots.

2017-12-10 13.09.43

I added a few more scribbles with a light Art Grip Aquarelle.

2017-12-10 13.21.06

I trimmed the card stock to the desired size of my place cards.

2017-12-10 15.03.45
2017-12-10 15.03.45

To finish them off, I added the names and just a few more marks. If you aren't comfortable with your lettering skills, you can print the names out on your computer, like I did. My place cards were now ready to be placed on the table.
2017-12-15 Gelatos Pitt Pen Place Cards 3 MARKED - Belen Sotelo

2017-12-15 Gelatos Pitt Pen Place Cards 2 MARKED - Belen Sotelo

I hope that I've inspired you to get out your Gelatos & Pitt Pens and add a bit of artistic flair to your next holiday dinner.

xo, Belen




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