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20 Minute Studio Marbling Art for Beginners Kit


Carolyn Dube here playing with the 20 Minute Studio Marbling Art for Beginners kit.   To get set up, add water to a container that is at least a little larger than the paper you are using.  Next, pick a color you love from the pastels and rub it against the sanding board.  You'll see the color floating on top of the water.Marbling-kit-faber-castell-carolyn-dube-3

 Choose another color and repeat.  How much soft pastel should you add?  Experiment, try it will small amounts and larger amounts to get different looks. I had a lot of the blue but only added a little of the green.



Add another color.  With the yellow, I added a lot more color.  I'm a lot of color kind of person.


 Here's a close up of what the top of the water looked like.


 Now it's time so pick up the color.  Place your paper on top of the water.


Promptly,  lift the paper up. It only has to touch the water to grab the color.  Set it aside to dry.To ensure your colorful design stays put, spray with hair spray or a fixative once it is totally dry.  If your paper does not dry flat, you can iron it flat or set it between a couple of heavy books to flatten back out. 


How many colors can you add?  As many as you want!  Here, I added every color in the kit, except black and white.  Some I added more of, some less, but there is a lot of color happening.  The top of the water has far more color floating on it than in the blue/yellow/green example above.  


Here's what all that color looked like when I pulled it out of the water.  How did I get that white spot? That was a water bubble.  Was it a mistake? It was unexpected but to me it is an   O.O.P.S. or Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly.  I hadn't planned on the pop of white there but it really shows how much color is everywhere else.  

Now it's your turn to play and add a little or a lot of color with the 20 Minute Studio Marbling Art for Beginners Kit!






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jean marmo

I had no idea you could do this! So cool!!

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