Watercoloring with Intro to Watercolor with Gelatos
Introducing Mixed Media Transfers

Wedding Table Markers with Gelatos & Stencils

Hi gang, Diana Trout here today with a fun DIY wedding decor project.


For the project, I used

Faber-Castell Mixed Media Wedding Stencils
Glaze Medium
Texture Luxe in Pearl and Silver
Gelatos in Pastel, Lemon, Coconut and Guava from the Pastel Set
Gelatos in Comet and Setellite from the Iridescent Set
Mixed Media or Watercolor paper


Begin by scribbling the Guava, Lemon and Watermelon Gelatos  on the paper then rub them in. I used Metallic Icing Gelatos with just one image from the embellishments stencil. Place these stenciled images randomly around the paper making some images a bit stronger and others a bit more smudged. You can see in the first and last image where I put my stenciled images. 


Next, paint a layer of Glaze over the Gelatos to seal them. Let this coat dry completely before going on to the next steps. 


I mixed some Satellite Gelatos with Silver Texture Luxe. Use your paint knife to slice a little Gelatos and add Texture Luxe to the Gelatos (I use a craft mat but you can use freezer wrap, a paper plate or palette paper). Mix it up well. I used a blue colored Gelatos to get some contrast with the peachy colored background: Orange and Blue are complementary colors. 


Use a ceramics or make up sponge and gently dab the mixture through the stencil. When using stencils, be careful to dab off extra paint and use an up-and-down motion to apply the paint. I tinted the Silver Texture Luxe with Mars (also from the Iridescent set to stencil the leaf. I used the Pearl Texture Luxe for the champagne glass. 


Use the Pearl Texture Luxe for the Banner stencil and the Silver Texture Luxe paint mixed with the Blue Gelatos for the Table No.

This was such an easy project! You could probably get a bunch of these table numbers done for your wedding in under two hours. Use your wedding colors. I think all different frames from a thrift store would be fun for the rustic/elegant wedding decor that is so stylish right now. 




I hope you enjoyed this project. 


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