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Make a Snazzy Frame with the Mandala Art Set


Hi everyone, Mou here with a tutorial for creating a snazzy paper frame using the Mandala Art set from Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft!

Let's start by looking at the supplies.


Faber Castell Design Memory Craft PITT Artist Pens®: Mandala Art

Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Essential PITT Artist Pens BLACK

White cardstock




Craft knife

Self healing craft mat

1" Circle punch/ die/ scissors


Now, let me walk you through the steps.


Trim cardstock to 8.5 x 5.5 inches. You can also choose your favorite size. You'll need three pieces.

Start by tracing the outlines of the mini mandala stencil from the set using the S tip pens, altering the colors as shown. You'll need twelve of the mandalas for the given dimensions.


Fill colors in the traced mandalas with the B tip pens as shown.


If you have 1" circle punch or dies, you can place them framing the colored mandalas and punch or diecut them. You can also cut around the mandalas with scissors.


Attach the mandalas along the outer edges of the second piece of cardstock on all four sides.


With ruler and pencil, mark an opening in the page. Placing the page on a self healing craft mat, carefully cut the opening with craft knife.

Use a ruler to draw lines along the edges with Black XS tip PITT pen from the Essential set.

You can place a photo behind the frame. I decided to add a quote hand-lettered with the Black B tip PITT pen on the third piece of cardstock.

Use the frame to jazz up a scrapbook layout or a card. Or give it as a gift.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and will try this lovely Mandala Art set!




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Sharon Hill

It is a stylish way of placing pictures on the wall, and super reasonable and easy! It would be cool on vision/inspiration board:-)


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