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Hey! My name is Abigail Clone and I’m so happy to get to share a Bible Page process today! If you are new to Bible Journaling, my favorite way of describing it is art worship in your Bible. Shanna Noel, who is the fouder of Illustrated Faith started this idea a few years back and it has since grown into this amazing community! We use a whole bunch of different art and scrapbooking supplies to study the word in a visual way. A lot of Bible Journalers out there do it directly in a Bible that has margins on the side; but if you aren’t comfortable with that, grab a blank journal or sketchbook and you can totally do it in there! There are a ton of great products out there to get started and Faber Castell has a great starter kit! It includes pens that don’t bleed through the pages, stencils, die cuts, and so much more, so if you are just starting, this is a great thing to pick up!

Today, I created a page with a little sunset polaroid picture I took while I was in Florida earlier this summer. The verse I picked was, Psalm 113:3. Everytime I look at a sunset I can just see God painting it with His big paint brushes, and what a great verse to remind us to always praise Him for His greatness!

Bible-journal-1 Bible-journal-2


I started out with using gelatos and a stencil for my background just to have some fun pattern. The color I used for this was, Guava. It is such a pretty pink color and accented the picture well.

To get that light color I first dipped a sponge in water. I didn’t get it too wet, just enough to dampen the tip.

I then rubbed the damp sponge on the tip of the Gelatos. You have to push a little hard to get color to transfer, and you won’t get a lot on there so repeat when you need more color. 


I took another Gelatos, this one is the color Butter Cream, and made art marks around the page. I love having clusters of elements on my page so that the eye travels around it. Another tip is to do these in odd numbers so that it looks balanced.


The next step is to take the sponge and dab it over the stencil so the color transfers to the page. If your stencil keeps moving, lightly tape it down with some washi tape so you can peel it up later without tearing your page. Take the stencil off and your beautiful design is revealed!


After making art marks, I added a light grey splatter to the background as well. I took the Earl Grey gelato and my palette knife to cut the tip off the gelato. I added some water to the tip and stirred it around with my paintbrush until the chunks were dissolved. I used the stipple brush to splatter the paint and it just added a really light detail to the page.


I added a few small elements to the top of my picture to add a little bit of detail. I took some stickers and a tiny paper clip I had on hand and clustered them together.


To get the cool sun in the corner, I took one of the die cut cards that came in the Bible Journaling kit by Faber Castell and cut it out. I glued it down and layered one of the rays on top of the polaroid. I also added a few stickers on the bottom of the polaroid so I could write the date when it was taken.

Highlighting the verse I am focusing on is probably one of my favorite parts to creating a page. I love using either Faber Castell’s big brush pens or just the brush pitt pens and then putting a box around it with some doodles.


The last finishing touch was a tab at the top and this page is finished! I loved how it turned out and the colors matched so well with the picture. I hope this has inspired you to get into your Bible and praise God for His greatness!




Scissors, Instax polaroid printer, Faber Castell Bible Journaling Kits (die cuts), Faber Castell Mixed Media Mandala Stencils, Faber Castell Guava Gelatos, Faber Castell Butter Cream Gelatos, Faber Castell Earl Grey Gelatos, Faber Castell Black Pitt Artist Pen (superfine nib), Faber Castell Green Gold Pitt Artist Pen (Brush), Felicity Jane Small Paper Clips, Faber Castell Stipple Brush from The Gelatos Artist Tool Set, and Illustrated Faith All People All Nations Sticker Sheet.


Blessings -




Abigail Clone is 16 years old and a lover of all things crafty, trendy, and of course Jesus! She discovered Bible Journaling in 2015 and fell in love! She writes a teen devotional called, “Pockets Full of Jesus” for Illustrated Faith and wants to encourage teens to grow their relationships with Christ at a young age.


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Gayle (patioponderings)

Great post, Abigail! Love your use of gelatos to create the background. Beautifully done!!

Deborah Tobin

Abigail, your art is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen...such lovely work from such a lovely young are truly blessed 🤗

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