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Bullet Journaling 101 - Enhanced Lettering

Bullet Journaling 101 - Drawing A Simple Box

I've partnered with @fabercatellusa to bring you a few tutorials on how to add interest and dimension to your journal! With just a few tips and tricks, these tutorials can help bring your journaling to the next level!

Let's start with a simple box!
Step 1: Simply draw your shape with clean corners and straight lines.

Step 2: Give your shape dimension by creating a faux layer underneath. (Pro-tip: if using a dotted journal, just go over one dot, and down one dot for uniformity)

Step 3: Add depth by using a light brush marker along the bottom and right edges of your shapes.



Supplies Used:
-Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen -    
    Size S (Black 199***)
    Size S (Deep Scarlet Red 219***)
    Size S (Orange Glaze 113***)
    Brush (Warm Grey III 272***)

Check out: Faber-Castell Mix & Match Pitt Artist Pens Writing Set!

 Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my tutorials!
For more information on the products, please go to

All my best!



Nicole Barlettano is a seasoned designer and illustrator living in the tri-state area. She is a bullet journalist known as @plansthatblossom, a chronic doodlebug, and a lover of lists.


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