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Different Daily Log Boxes To Try Out

Hello again, my loves! Faber-Castell USA and I are here for post 2 of 3 today!

I wanted to talk a little bit about my daily log boxes. I often get asked why I don’t use a daily page like so many others, and my answer is always this: I don’t have enough to record that warrants a full page daily. I’ve come up with a daily log box for my weekly spreads that allows me to do everything I need to do, while maximizing the space in my journal at the same time. If you follow me, you’ll know that minimal spreads are not my jam - I am extra all the way!

Here are 6 different daily log boxes to try out - starting with the most basic. I love changing my weekly style every week - that’s what makes bullet journaling so fantastic!
Other questions I receive are often related to how I use my daily boxes. I have added a “key” of sorts in each example to show you how I utilize them. Some weeks call for a simple to the point day, some require a lot of tracking, and then others are just plain cute for the fun of it!

I hope these daily boxes helped spark some creativity!

Faber-Castell Tools Used:
Pitt Artist Pen - Black 199*** (S)
Pitt Artist Pen - Black 199*** (F)
Pitt Artist Pen - May Green 170*** (S)
Pitt Artist Pen - Phthalo Blue 110*** (S)
Pitt Artist Pen - Deep Scarlet Red 219*** (S)
Pitt Artist Pen - Middle Purple Pink 125*** (S)
Pitt Artist Pen - Warm Grey III 272*** (B)
Pitt Artist Pen - Crimson 134*** (B)
Pitt Artist Pen - Green Gold 268*** (B)


(The obsession is real, folks…)






Nicole Barlettano is a seasoned designer and illustrator living in the tri-state area. She is a bullet journalist known as @plansthatblossom, a chronic doodlebug, and a lover of lis


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