Blending Colors and Lettering with Goldfaber Aqua Watercolor Pencils
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Create Watercolor Art with Watercolor Pencils

Summer is one of my most creative times of the year. I have more time to experiment creatively and that means more time making fun seasonal crafts like today’s project with Goldfaber Aqua watercolor pencils. This set of 48 colored pencils comes with a beautiful range of colors. They are perfect for shading and transform into watercolor paints when you use a wet brush. Drawing with these pencils gives you more control and allows you to create finer detailed lines. The Goldfaber Aqua pencils are perfect for beginners or creatives who are not skilled with watercolor paints. You draw, shade, and add water — it’s seriously so fun and easy! The outcome produces soft watercolor art with beautiful pigmentation.

PIC 1 pen and paint wc pencils

Today I’m creating a seasonal piece for July 4th with a variety of red, blue, and silver watercolor pencils from the Goldfaber Aqua set. I’m using watercolor paper and this fantastic Faber Castell Deluxe Waterbrush.

PIC 2 pen and paint wc pencils

To create my piece I sketched out my design with the watercolor pencils. I wanted a bold, bright look for my lettering so I made sure to do a heavier shade with the pencils. Remember, the lighter you shade, the lighter the pigmentation will be when you add water with your wet brush.

PIC 3 pen and paint wc pencils

Next, using the Deluxe Waterbrush I lightly began painting water over my colored pencil drawing. I made sure to blot my waterbrush with a paper towel so I didn’t have too much water loaded. The watercolor pencil drawing then transformed into a painted piece.

PIC 4 pen and paint wc pencils

Once my lettering was dry and I added stars and accents with the watercolor pencils and painted over those with my waterbrush as well.

PIC 5 pen and paint wc pencils

My finished piece has lots of texture and great colors and looks like it was done completely with watercolor paints!

The Goldfaber Aqua watercolor pencils are perfect for creating artwork, hand-lettering, adding color to your planner or Bible journal, for use in coloring books, and so much more!


New headshot pen and paint - low resArtist and illustrator Lindsay Hopkins has been drawing and creating since childhood. She has a love for color and hopes to encourage and inspire others through her creativity. In 2012 Lindsay opened Pen & Paint and began selling her artwork and stationery online. Pen & Paint licenses artwork through Jewel Branding and is privileged to work with many global brands.


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