Lettering with Pitt Pens
Different Daily Log Boxes To Try Out

The Basics of Bujo

Hello, you lovely people! I’ve teamed up with Faber-Castell USA once again to bring you not 1… not 2… but 3 posts today! Keep your eyes open for more!

I’d like to start with the basics of bullet journaling. Often, I am asked where to begin in your bullet journaling journey, so I’ve mapped out 3 spreads to get your started!

1. The Yearly.
This spread is my go-to for future planning. It’s a place where you can record holidays, events, birthdays, etc, while also tracking your daily mood for the ENTIRE year! I often refer back to this spread for the calendar. It’s handy to have a physical version in a world where everything is digitized.

2. The Monthly.
This is a spread you can make for every single month of the year! It’s a great place to do your short-term future planning, while also recording daily memories and gratitude! I love looking back on my monthly spreads - it’s perfect for planning AND memory keeping.

3. The Weekly.
This is my favorite spread to create in my bullet journal, because I can adjust it however I want, depending on my week. For instance, if I know I’ll be having a slow week, I can add more room to be creative, and less room for planning. If I know it will be a very busy week, I can keep it simple, and adjust my daily boxes to include longer task lists.

The bullet journal is a fantastic customizable tool to keep you organized, productive, accountable AND creative!


Faber-Castell Tools Used:
Pitt Artist Pen - Black 199*** (S)
Pitt Artist Pen - Black 199*** (F)
Pitt Artist Pen - Warm Grey III 272*** (B)
Pitt Artist Pen - Crimson 134*** (B)
Pitt Artist Pen - Green Gold 268*** (B)
Pitt Artist Pen - Leaf Green 112*** (B)

(Can you tell how obsessed I am with Pitt Artist Pens, yet?)




Nicole Barlettano is a seasoned designer and illustrator living in the tri-state area. She is a bullet journalist known as @plansthatblossom, a chronic doodlebug, and a lover of list


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