Mixed Media Tin for hand lettering!
DIY Thank You Card

Pitt Artist Pen - Big Brush

Today I wanted to give you a look at how amazing the Big Brush Pitt Artist Pens are for handlettering! To me, there is nothing more fun than larger scale lettering. I love being able to take up space and let my hand flow in big sweeping up- and downstrokes. There is an assortment of bright, saturated colors that can be combined numerous ways for your projects.



The pens feature the same great qualities of the Pitt Artist Brush pens- flexible yet firm nib, and saturated India ink. The quality is so high and I know these markers will last a long time without fraying like most large brush pens do quickly! By varying your pressure, you will create thick and thin strokes. Heavy pressure on the down stroke and light pressure in the up stroke. Because of the large nib on this pen, you will achieve a large contrast in stroke width- which is the key factor to hand lettering!

Happy Lettering!



Leah Kelly is a modern calligrapher and hand lettering artist. She is a military wife who took up the hobby to create decor and invitations for her own wedding. When she’s not addressing invitation envelopes or writing place cards, she loves to use calligraphy and painting as a creative form of meditation. Leah is currently working to get her professional certificate in graphic design.


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