White Pitt Artist Pen

Blending Pitt Artist Pens

Blending brush pens can be so fun, and is definitely one of my favorite things to do! Typically this is done with a water based pen, which makes for easy blending, wet or dry, but since Pitt pens are waterproof and not water based, all you have to do is be sure to blend while the ink is still wet!


I like to start with a very light color, such as light indigo 220 (pictured here), this way when you use the colors, it's sort of just like coloring in your letters. Then you can focus more on the blending of colors and less on the lettering. 


Once you have your lighter lettering down, use a small amount of your darker color up top (phthalo blue 110), and slowly pull it down using a lighter color (phthalo green 161). Do this one letter at a time, to be sure your ink stays wet while blending. If it happens to dry, just re-wet it with your first color. 


Have fun!


 Happy Blending! 

Photo Feb 28  9 52 26 AMChelsea has a not-so-slight obsession with all things lettering. Watching lettering videos is what got her started, and you can usually find her posting videos using every art supply she can get her hands on. From brush pens to watercolor and everything in between!



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