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Christmas Lights with Pitt Artist Pens

Happy Holidays! It's time to get festive!

Here's a super simple way to draw some Christmas lights using your Pitt Artist Brush Pens.

First up: draw a squiggly line with some small boxes all over, using your size small Pitt Artist fine liner pen.

Photo Dec 05  12 13 29 PM


Next, use colorful Pitt Artist brush pens (or if you prefer white Christmas lights, just use a light yellow) here I'm using:

  • Pale Geranium Lake
  • Orange Glaze
  • Cadmium Yellow
  • Leaf Green
  • Phthalo Blue

Photo Dec 05  12 18 13 PM

Now grab your size small black pen again, and outline the colors. You can outline it exactly, or have some fun with it and do a rough outline.

Photo Dec 05  12 19 29 PM


Now it's time to add the details! Use the white 1.5 Pitt Artist pen to add a highlight, and the small black pen again to add some dimension to the base of the light.


Photo Dec 05  12 21 27 PM


You can add these to almost anything to make it fun and festive! Christmas cards, artwork, journals, whatever you'd like! Add a quote, and you're all done! (I used my Pitt Artist Big Brush Pen for this one.)


Photo Dec 05  2 44 31 PM

As always, have some fun with it! 

Photo Feb 28  9 52 26 AM
Chelsea has a not-so-slight obsession
with all things lettering. Watching
lettering videos is what got her started,
and you can usually find her posting
videos using every art supply she can
get her hands on. From brush pens to
watercolor and everything in between!



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I read your article & its remind my mom she said to me that grab your size small black pen , and outline the colors. You can outline it exactly, or have some fun with it.
Just love it.

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