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Celebrate Handwriting Day 2019

Is writing a dying art?

In an era in which technology forms part of our daily routine, we ask if writing is a dying art. However, simple tasks such as making a shopping list or writing a thank you note will never go out of fashion. Far from dying out, penmanship is attracting more and more devotees who are keen to extol its virtues. Every January 23rd, we celebrate International Handwriting Day. Sponsored by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA), this initiative has been working since 1977 to preserve and recognize the impact of handwriting on our lives.

Several studies have shown that there is a connection between handwriting and neural activity, which has had a positive influence on various aspects related to creativity, fine motor skills and cognitive ability. With respect to cognitive abilities, this practice could increase brain activity, thus providing a basis for enhanced performance and has an impact on reading, writing and critical thinking abilities. A study by Doctor George Early which was published by the American Association of Psychology showed that first grade students who knew how to write in cursive script achieved better grades than those who wrote in print.

According to Edouard Gentaz, Professor of Developmental Psychology at the University of Geneva, the act of constructing and joining letters helps us to strengthen our understanding of language due to our motor memory. This means that we can easily recognize letters afterwards, since our brain is directing each movement as we write.

Benefits for all ages

The benefits of writing by hand extend well beyond learning. For example, after a long day full of thoughts, taking a few minutes to write down ideas, phrases or just some words on paper can relieve stress. This simple action restores calm to our brain and can help our body relax. It can also stimulate our capacity to retain information, which helps improve our memory. It is a mental exercise that will help us to maintain a young mind as we grow older.

It also helps foster creativity, as we put ideas down on paper in a clear manner allowing us to focus on the project. It is with good reason that great writers prefer to write their drafts by hand, since it allows them to return to the piece again and again to reflect and make corrections.

Today, we wish you a very creative Handwriting Day and we hope that you take a few moments to write, relax and be creative.

Grip Fountain Pen_Faber-Castell

Taking a few minutes to capture ideas helps to relieve stress and stimulate creativity.

Product: Grip Fountain Pen. Credits: Faber-Castell



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