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Good Vibes Only Pitt Artist Pens

I just love the beautiful blues of the Good Vibes Only Pitt Artist Pen Lettering Set

Inspiration is everywhere... and sometimes right in front of you! After seeing the packaging design of this pack,  I couldn't resist sketching out my own banner lettering.



My best advice for beginners, and even intermediate letterers and sketchers.... pencil sketch first! I'm able to freely design a layout without worrying about wasting paper! If you can find a reference photo, like I did on the product packaging, it will help immensely. 
After sketching this, I laid out my lettering and colored in the banner. A little detail work with the included small tip Pitt Artist Pen, and my piece was complete!


I can't wait to display this on my desk as a little bit of positivity and inspiration!




Leah Kelly is a modern calligrapher and hand lettering artist. She is a military wife who took up the hobby to create decor and invitations for her own wedding. When she’s not addressing invitation envelopes or writing place cards, she loves to use calligraphy and painting as a creative form of meditation. Leah is currently working to get her professional certificate in graphic design.


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